You can combine the two for maximum flexibility


Get 25 % commission for your clients for life. The client enters their payment information and pick their own pricing plan. You manage the relationship.

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You pay one consolidated bill for all your clients on managed service. You bill your client and present a consolidated invoice for all your services. You decide your own price.

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Buy storage in bulk, decide what clients pay and how much storage they get. Best option for someone who wants to make most profit with a little extra effort.

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Powerful Partner Programs

Choose one of the programs below. Our partner plans include marketing support and white labelling.

Data Deposit Box

0Minimum Commitment1TB
We bill and pay
25% commissionBilling
You mark up
We bill or you bill

White Label

DDBYou host
Your custom pricing
We bill or you bill
Your custom pricing
We bill or you bill

All prices are in USD

Quality Online Backup Products + Exploding Market Demand = Recurring Revenue

DDB gives you all the tools to capture your share of the growing online backup market with leading technology that is reliable, scalable and feature-rich.

Our partners:

Distribution partner for the regions of: UK

Distribution partner for the regions of: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Distribution partner for the regions of: South Africa

Commission Partnership


You create an account for each of your clients, they pick their plans and enter their payment information. You are responsible to manage the relationship with the client and to ensure the account is paid on time.

When your clients pay their bills, a commission is set aside for 25% of the bill.

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Managed Partnership


You create an account for each of your clients, they pick a storage plan to suit their backup needs. You get to decide what their bill is going to be and clients are not required to enter their payment information as no invoice information is displayed in the client portal.

This option is best for partners who offer multiple services to each client and prefer to generate one consolidated bill. When we bill you for all the managed service clients a commission of 25% is to be credited to the next bill.

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Bulk Partnership


You purchase a large amount of bulk storage in the cloud. Then all of your clients’, plus your data goes into that large bulk storage allocation. You are billed for the entire amount and get a report about each client’s usage for the billing period, that way you can decide what to bill your clients.

You create separate account for each customer—allocating a certain amount of storage for each—and set whether or not they are allowed to go over that storage limit, or if the backups stop when the fill their allocation.

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Why Data Deposit Box™?

Scale to Grow

Based in Toronto, Canada, Data Deposit Box is trusted by over 5,000 MSPs, SMBs and personal end-users world-wide. Our development team knows how to quickly and reliably store and recover data.

Unique Track Record

Leading, patented technology combined with operational excellence and discipline in our SSAE 16 certified data centers has created this unique track record. All data is encrypted—even in transit—with bank-grade encryption key. All data resides in Canada, and at a no point does it reside anywhere else. One of the main benefits of storing and keeping your data in Canada is that the foreign privacy laws will not be applicable. The encryption also means the data, if accessed because of a security breach, will be useless to anyone without your Private key.

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