Testimonials From Some of Our Customers

I have used your service for years – even when it was still Data Deposit Box. I figured it was just something I had to do…back up my data someplace central, data that I save on a portable storage device anyway. So I never needed you. Until today. Somehow a file compiled over months was over-written by another file. No problem – I will use the stored copy on my portable storage device……but then I find I do not have it…..I must have been left in one of the 8 airports I have travelled through in the past week.
So 15 minutes ago I tried to recover the file I needed from your system for the first time. Wow! Just what you say. Multiple backed up files, including the file I need from before it was over-written. I am back in business. Life is good again. Thank you for not being less than you claim.
Doug Hickman, Canning, Nova Scotia
We were working on a large architectural design project and found ourselves in the position of having accidentally lost all the data on a client project. Within 15 minutes of discovering the problem, we were able to retrieve everything we had lost by logging into Data Deposit Box’s secure web portal and restoring the lost data. We estimate our savings to be over $8,000 in what otherwise would have been lost billable time.
Luis Cevada, Kirkor Architects & Planners
My two year old hard disk crashed and everything was lost. I got a new hard disk that same morning and after installing the operating system and getting connected to the Internet, it was a matter of minutes before I had all my data back, including all the current email that I was working on when the hard disk failed. In fact, we like it so much we told our startup companies about it and a number of them have started using Data Deposit Box to protect their data
C. Webster, Hero Ventures
Several years ago there was a blackout in the area that knocked out a number of our servers and workstations and the tape restore process was not only slow and arduous, but we were unable to recover most of our data. This ended up costing us a significant amount of time and money. That’s why when our IT provider explained Data Deposit Box’s automated offsite backup and disaster recovery service to us, it was an easy decision.
Ian Grieve, Curbz Landscaping
As a doctor and sole practitioner I used to spend 30 minutes a day or more performing my daily backup. With Data Deposit Box, there is no more waiting for the backup to finish! Data Deposit Box’s offsite backup system automates this process for me so that I don’t have to think about it at all, and it gives me the peace of mind that my data is secure and current. It is extremely easy to use and requires no extra knowledge of computers or systems. I recommend Data Deposit Box to any doctor mandated to get their data offsite.
Dr. Barry Averich
We’ve just had a power cut. My computer crashed with a file open and unsaved. Three hours worth of work gone. As I headed for the top floor to throw myself out the window I remembered that I pay you people a small amount every month to back up my data. I logged on to DDB. And there was my file in all its wondrous entirety.
Nick Constable, Freelance Journalists in Devon, England
Due to an unrelated virus attack, my system had to be repaired and the Data Deposit Box program was erroneously removed. I am not a computer whiz and your support personnel helped me in downloading, re-installing and fine-tuning your program and my data storage needs. I dealt with three different people over a two day period and all were highly professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, courteous and excellent at communicating with me and my ‘non-technical’ brain. You have an excellent company and staff!
Ronald Berges, Justia Legal Services
Two years ago my computer crashed and I lost ten year’s worth of data, including personal diaries, photos and archived articles I had written over my entire career. I was told it would cost upwards of $3000 to retrieve my data! I never want to go through that again, and since then I’ve been using Data Deposit Box.
Ashley MacDonald, Shout Resort Concerts
I am one of those really bright people who was too smart to back up her data, assuming the Cyber Gods would take care of it for me. Serendipitously, I found my way to Data Deposit Box and now I sleep like a baby, knowing that while I’m taking care of other things, my data is constantly and automatically being transferred and securely stored in my Data Deposit Box account.
Judy Barrett, Santa Fe, New Mexico
I’ve tried xDrive, iBackup, and Connected, and your service is by far the best. I’m especially pleased with the real-time background continuous backup capabilities, and the ability to store multiple versions of files.
James Peacock, Peacock Research
For the last couple of days my laptop had been making this funny clunking noise. Upon my return from lunch I was greeted by a black screen and a boot failure message. I was concerned only for a moment because I knew I had a current backup.
Peter Carroll, Peter Carroll Bluefriday Inc.
We recently endured Hurricane Irene, and our office was located in a flooded area. Users were still able to access files, etc. through Data Deposit Box and it was a lifesaver for our company.
Rebecca Tuttle, Luce, Schwab and Kase, Inc
I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on backup schemes, none of which ever worked reliably. Then here you come along with this simple, inexpensive plan. What a deal.
Bruce La Fleur, TLF Publications
Data Deposit Box seems to be in a whole other category of backup than the other vendors.
Eric Brown, Remote Technology Management
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