With more and more businesses depending on digital applications to keep their enterprises running, the era of “Software as a Service”, or SaaS, is indeed upon us. However, even though SaaS providers are making things easier for businesses across the globe by offering scalable IT solutions over the Internet, getting the most out of SaaS is by no means a “hands-free” process, with businesses that are prepared for SaaS being one step ahead of those that aren’t.

So, the question is, how does a business make sure that they are fully prepared to integrate SaaS solutions into their existing IT infrastructure?

First off, in order to get the most out of SaaS solutions, businesses must be vigilant in choosing the right SaaS applications to fit their existing data management strategies. Furthermore, companies must choose SaaS that will most easily fit into their current budget policies as well. And, in addition to this, it must be understood that SaaS solutions have the potential of drastically changing the IT workflow of the organizations that use them, with the creation of a more service-centric approach often taking place that enterprises must be prepared to fully embrace if they want to get the most out of SaaS.

Indeed, one of the key elements of being “SaaS-ready” is an understanding that SaaS applications are usually built on generic business IT concepts, and that the true integration of SaaS solutions often requires that businesses be flexible enough to reshape their IT infrastructures to adhere to these more universal business IT systems. Once this concept is fully embraced, businesses will then be in a better position to leverage these cost-effective IT solutions, with the standardization of a business’s IT often resulting in not only the reshaping of their IT infrastructure, but also the cutting down of costs as well in the process.

Finally, being fully prepared for SaaS often involves getting the enterprise familiar with unfamiliar challenges. Since SaaS tools are, as mentioned before, usually designed based on generic business IT concepts, employees may have to learn exactly how these concepts work if they are unfamiliar with them. Also, SaaS tools are created with the average internet bandwidth in mind, so if an organization has been struggling along with lower than average access to the Internet, expanding their internet bandwidth will then become critical if they want to be able to get the most out of SaaS solutions.

Of course, having been in the online data backup and cloud computing industry for over 10 years now, we here at KineticD are fully aware of what businesses must do to get the most out of SaaS solutions. For this reason we make it a top priority to always be there for our clients by supplying expert technical support around the clock so that using our SaaS is as easy as possible for the businesses that we serve. And, we also specialize in providing software that is both user-friendly and designed to most easily fit in with the average organization’s existing IT infrastructure. To learn more about how KineticD can help your business get the most out of online data backup and cloud data services in general, please visit our website today!

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Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements 16, or “SSAE 16”, is a stringent auditing protocol that seeks to ensure that organizations adhere to certain standards as to their financial and data security practices. Whereas it’s predecessor, SAS 70, merely sought to describe the “controls” of a given company’s systems, SSAE 16 goes one step further by looking to establish a thorough analysis of the systems themselves. Furthermore, SSAE 16 audits are only initiated after the management of the company being audited has submitted their “assertions” to the people conducting the SSAE 16. Once this is complete, either a Type 1 or the even more thorough Type 2 SSAE 16 audit is then performed.

With more and more companies relying on cloud services for much of their data management concerns, the importance of auditing protocols like the SSAE 16 have never been more crucial. After all, when looking into having any amount of your company’s data management infrastructure exported to the cloud, there can often understandably be concerns as to the stability and reliability of the services that are supplied by cloud vendors. For this reason, performing research as to the background and history of a cloud vendor and comparing reviews online are important steps for businesses to take if they want to be sure to pick a reliable online data backupand cloud computing service provider.

However, knowing that the company that you are going to be trusting with your indispensible digital assets has completed the SSAE 16 audit is the only way to establish indisputable proof that their systems are indeed as efficient and secure as they may be claiming them to be. For this reason, we here at KineticD are proud to have had all of our data centers thoroughly audited and certified for operational excellence by the SSAE 16. After all, having been in the online data backup and cloud computing service industry for over 10 years now, we know that the customers that we serve understand the importance of airtight digital security.

With KineticD you’ll always know that your company’s data will be safe and sound. First, before being sent to the cloud, all or our customers’ data is encrypted at the source using our uncrackable, Bank Grade, 448-bit Blowfish data encryption. Then we ensure the physical security of this encrypted data by storing it in one of our state of the art, high-security, Tier 3 data centers that are always protected by 24-hour security personnel and extensive video surveillance. For these reasons and more, we are one of the few cloud vendors on the market today to have managed to maintain a 100% data recovery track record for over a decade now. To learn more about what the KineticD advantage is all about, please visit our website today!

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