We’re Cloud Backup Pioneers.

We started in 2002; back when Blockbuster was a thriving company, Friendster was the leading social network, and the average person still used dial up to spend 45 minutes/day on the internet.

We’re hard core developers who banded together in 2002 to build something from the ground up, and with a single purpose:

Protect our customers valuable data, and help them recover it painlessly in a time of need.

Since 2002, thousands of businesses, IT service providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) have trusted us, and relied on our patented technology for online backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure file sharing and remote access.

We’re proud to have helped 350,000+ users, across 53 countries, secure over 500,000,000 million files.

We’re known as a leader in the cloud backup industry; we’ve won a lot of prestigious awards, and have earned a lot of accolades in the press. Our mission every day, is to give our customers and partners protection peace of mind™. We believe so much in this, that we back it up with our data protection guarantee™.

We’re very proud of where we started and how far we’ve come. Our plan is to continue doing what we do best, and have some fun along the way.