“The customer is *always* right.” We’ve all heard this expression before, and while it may not always be true in the most literal sense, it does hold a deeper meaning: without the customer, the business ceases to be a business at all. At the heart of keeping customers happy lies customer service, a large portion of which comes down to the ease with which service-driven enterprises of all sizes can access, modify and abstract their customer information. Luckily, this aspect of running a service-driven business has become much easier and vastly more cost effective due to the recent influx of cloud computing services available from online backup companies.

Indeed, it doesn’t seem that long ago that companies who wanted to increase the availability of their customer data across their enterprise would be required to hire specialized IT professionals to run separate data centers. Of course, this was only available to businesses that had already generated enough profits to afford this extra investment in the first place, leaving many of the smaller businesses unable to implement this increase in data flexibility and efficiency. The modern-day ease of access to cloud computing services, for relatively low cost, has served to “level the playing field” a great deal for smaller service-driven businesses. This has brought about increased opportunities for developing businesses to begin to enjoy economies of scale sooner than they could in the past.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Advantages for Service-Driven Enterprises

In addition to this, virtualization is changing the way that all businesses operate from the ground up, with enterprises of all sizes enjoying the myriad of advantages that centralizing your data in the cloud brings about. One of the biggest advantages is in the area of organization, with virtualization of all company data in virtually one place, regardless of the fact that the data may be scattered about over many different physical locations and hard drives. This makes it easier than ever before for businesses to see ‘the big picture’ when it comes to their information. All of this results in higher efficiency, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction due to the ease with which products and services can be delivered to customers. Furthermore, management becomes less burdened with the organization of the enterprise’s data, and are therefore freed up to concern themselves with other areas of their service delivery.

Of course, online cloud storage is a finite resource, and high quality online backup service providers understand this. As a response, there have been a whole host of new developments in the area of data storage efficiency, including data deduplication technology and new methods of overall data compression. Not only does this end up conserving the amount of disk space that the online data backup and cloud computing company has to maintain, but it also benefits the company using their services. This is done by lessening the amount of storage space that they have to pay for in the first place. Other recent advances in how data is backed up have also helped all parties involved with cloud computing. The importance of data is now being prioritized in order to be backed up in the most efficient and logical manner possible, bringing about both faster data transition rates and increased data availability to companies of all sizes.

If your service-driven enterprise hasn’t entered into this new era of cloud computing yet, we here at KineticD believe there is no time like the present when it comes to streamlining and improving your business! After all, with over 40,000 businesses calling KineticD’s servers home for their valuable data, and client software that was awarded the “Best SaaS Business Application for SMB” by the Info Security Products Guide, why not give us a try? We even have a free 14-day trial that allows you to experience the KineticD advantage personally before signing up (no credit card required!).

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Much like the central processing unit (or CPU) of a computer, your company’s servers lie at the center of almost everything your enterprise does. For company e-mail systems, payroll applications, scheduling, inventory, accounting, and more – without the central processing power of your company’s servers and databases, you know that your business could easily cease to be a business at all! So it is easily understandable just how important it is to avoid data loss, with the safest and most efficient method being the utilization of online data backup services.

The backing up of servers and databases is one of the trickiest types of backups to perform, and thus it is best left to specialized companies to maintain. Data of this nature must remain available at all times in order for the day-to-day activities of any company to be maintained, making the cloud the perfect place to back this data up. Offsite data backup offers companies who have temporarily lost the use of their servers, or the information on said servers, to instantly access the backed up copy from any location. This permits them to more easily meet their RTOs (Recover Time Objectives) in the event of any IT mishap. In addition to this, backing up online means that all the equipment that will be used to store the company’s backed up files will be the sole responsibility of the online backup provider, freeing up both the company’s equipment budget and work hours to focus on other matter at hand.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Backing Up Your Company’s Server Online

Speaking of saving time, did I mention that online backup of servers and databases can be a fully automated process? This is one of the biggest selling points of online backup in general because, once again, it saves companies time and money. Also because it ensures that backups will always happen on time, every time. In addition to this, online data backup makes it so that you can backup all of your company’s laptops, desktops, mobile devices and servers from the same account, further lessening the amount of time you have to spend making sure that your data is safe. Many online backup companies now also offer additional advanced features like Blowfish encryption for both storing and transferring data, deduplication technology to save time and resources and automatic data correction of any corrupt files that may be discovered on the system.

By backing up your company’s servers online, you will not only achieve peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, but you will also be able to enjoy the advantage of accessing your company’s files from anywhere that has an internet connection! This advantage serves to bring about a whole new host of new possibilities, including collaborating with others in the cloud by using features like “file versioning” that make it so that you can pass around files between users that they are free to alter, because you can in effect “go back in time” and retrieve a previous version of the same file if you so desire. Accessing your company’s data from any location will also allow your company’s employees to be more productive when on the go, have easier access to customer data, work schedules and more. If your business has more than one server, you can also manage the backing up of all those servers using only one account with the online backup company, making things even more convenient!

In fact, once you start using online data backup for your company’s servers, you will find that connecting to your online data will be as quick as if you were just accessing that of another machine on your LAN, with modern day bandwidths allowing for similar speeds to be obtained. In addition to this, you’ll be able to use the cloud computing application to back up or copy any of your company’s data to any other location that supports FTP, FTPS or SFTP – allowing your enterprise unprecedented levels of data adaptability. This potentially comes especially in handy in the future if your company ends up expanding and adds additional branches and office locations! Throughout all of this, you will not have to worry about the security of your data being compromised, with bank grade blowfish encryption being used at all times for any data that is being transferred using the online backup company’s services.

Here at KineticD, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and accessibility of your company’s data. After all, data security isn’t just a matter of keeping your company afloat anymore, with newer government regulations like HIPPA and the Sarbanes Oxley Act requiring companies to protect their data and have it readily available at all times. For these reasons and more, we are proud to present our KineticSecure and KineticExtend services, which will provide your company with the peace of mind of knowing your data is protected, and the flexibility to use that data in ways that you may never have before thought possible.

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Often times one mental hurdle that can hold businesses back from the modernization of their IT infrastructure through the use of the relatively new phenomenon of cloud computing is the simple feeling of being afraid to “jump on the bandwagon” too early. After all, there have been many trends in business and technology that seemed unstoppable at one time, only to be eclipsed by something else and then subsequently forgotten. So, how is one to judge where exactly the current cloud computing data revolution is headed?

Well, there have been several surveys taken recently regarding the increasing popularity of online data backup and cloud computing that have caught our attention here at KinetiD. One of these polls, conducted by Forrester Research, found that 53% of businesses worldwide were interested in virtualizing their IT infrastructure and making the full transition into cloud computing. When asked why they felt this way the responses were quite varied, with some claiming cloud computing’s potential to save them money on IT equipment costs as being their number one reason, while others cited the flexibility of data access that cloud computing could bring about for their businesses.

Another recent poll conducted by IDC found 210 upper-level business executives that were pro-cloud computing and database virtualization. They explained their responses were the way they were because they could easily see the potential of receiving more valuable information from their data through the increased levels of data accessibility that goes hand in hand with cloud computing and online data backup. In addition to this, they almost all seemed to look forward to finally being free of devoting so much of their valuable resources toward the maintenance of their own servers so that they could instead utilize the resulting extra time and money toward working on other aspects of their developing businesses.

So, it appears that public sentiment amongst upper-level business personnel is definitely tipping towards a seemingly unavoidable shift to cloud computing. However, obviously public sentiment on this issue is far from unanimous, with many businesses insisting upon keeping their existing hardware infrastructures for all their business’s computing needs, including backing up. Indeed, the debate over whether or not cloud computing is the way of the future essentially boils down to the question of who will ultimately be responsible for managing the fundamental infrastructure for small to medium-sized businesses, and where should a company’s money be spent towards the implementation of that infrastructure. Should it be spent in the purchasing of more and more physical IT equipment or the hiring of off-site data management experts?

Regardless, as stated before, the overall outlook seems to point towards the increased virtualization of IT management for business. As you read this, more and more businesses are taking their first step toward virtualization by making the decision to back up their data online. After that, many small to mid-sized businesses will end up looking to utilize virtual computing environments to increase their resources, effectively extending their existing physical IT infrastructure by adding on additional cloud computing ability as the need arises. Then, finally, many businesses are deciding to cut down on maintenance costs and lost work hours by selling their extra in-house IT equipment and moving as much of their data processing and storing activities as possible entirely to the cloud.

With cloud technologies like data replication, de-duplication, data mirroring and increasingly advanced levels of data encryption, more and more business owners everyday are talking about the enhanced data flexibility and security that online data backup and cloud computing can bring about for their enterprises. We here at KineticD are excited to be on the forefront of this revolution in information technology by offering both KineticSecure, our suite of easy-to-use, fully automated online backup services, and KineticExtend, our on the go cloud computing suite, which come together to create the perfect all-in-one package that will put your small to medium-sized business on the fast track to the future of information technology. Why not try our free 14-day trial today to find out for yourself what cloud computing could do for your business?

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We’ve all taken risks before, and therefore know that sometimes you can get away with taking them – at least for a bit. Disaster usually strikes when we least expect it, and just like a tight rope walker without a net or a driver not using a seatbelt, if you don’t take the right steps to ensure the safety of your data, you are definitely taking a huge risk. Murphy’s Law states that “what can go wrong, will go wrong”, and while this may sound like a negative way of thinking, the fact of the matter is that if you want to avoid accidents, you have to cover all your bases. This certainly applies to the preservation of your data.

Now, if you’ve already made the wise choice to back up your data online, you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back, for you have taken the most fundamental step toward total data security! However, it is important to keep in mind that not all online data backup companies are created equal, and therefore you must ask yourself whether or not you have signed up for the best backup service you can, or at least one that will be able to meet your needs as an online data backup subscriber.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Finding The Right Data Insurance Policy for You

So, how does one go about making sure that they have chosen the right data backup company for their business?

Firstly, I would say that you need to have sound knowledge that the online data backup company you have chosen has a good reputation. After all, no amount of data insurance is going to do you any good if the backup company you’ve chosen doesn’t in fact hold up their end of the bargain by keeping your data secure! Luckily, this is an easy enough task to do. Simply by performing a little Internet research you can easily find out the skinny on any online data service provider – by perusing user reviews and checking out user discussion groups. Indeed, the modern era of the Internet has made it so that being uninformed on any company that you are planning on trusting with anything important is simply unacceptable.

Secondly, it helps to know just what types of online backup services you are really going to want or indeed need in the first place. To say that modern day online data backup has become highly diversified in what services are now commonly provided to customers would be a huge understatement, with online backup in the cloud bringing about many new modern day conveniences. These include file sharing, cloud computing and system virtualization, just to name a few. On top of this, there are many different tiered layers of services available when it comes to online backup itself, including file versioning (where you can basically “go back in time” to retrieve older versions of files that were saved over) and continuous backup (wherein your system is constantly backed up automatically as files are altered, so that you never again have to worry about losing a file).

Lastly, it is important to make sure that the online backup service provider that you choose has a service plan that will be as cost effective as possible for your business. Prices charged by online backup service providers vary greatly, with some companies charging up to $165.00 per gigabyte, while others charge as little as $1.50! Why such a spread in price points? Well, you have to remember that online backup companies can potentially offer a whole range of features, such as the ability to back up multiple computers and databases, data compression, bare metal restore, etc. The more features that are offered, the higher the price charged per gigabyte to back your system up. So, like mentioned before, in order to ensure that you make the most financially sound decision, it is highly critical that you take the time to familiarize yourself with all the options now offered by online data backup companies in order to decide which ones are right for you.

There’s no doubt about it, here in the digital age taking the right steps toward protecting yourself from data loss is becoming more important than ever before. We here at KineticD understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to backing up your data online, and we humbly suggest that you give our software a try to find out what the KineticD advantage is all about. With our advanced data mirroring technology, patented Continuous Backup software and one of the lowest prices per gigabyte on the market today (only $2.00!) , why not just try our free 14 day trial and see what you think of our state of the art online backup services for yourself ?

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There is no doubt about it, if you want your company to stay afloat in the world of ever-increasing business competition, it is imperative that you make “staying ahead of the curve” a top priority. This means conducting in-depth studies of what the competition is doing, intensely scrutinizing popular social and economic trends, and doing your best to stay on top of all emerging technological advances that can assist in the operation of your business. One of the most important areas in technology to stay on the cutting edge of is IT, with almost all the inner-workings of enterprises growing more and more reliant on the IT platform they utilize. After all, you could have the best product in the world, but if your company’s IT infrastructure is out of date, your product might not get the chance it needs to be easily marketed and sold to the general public in an efficient manner.

The world of IT is, of course, a constantly changing field, with new innovations coming about all the time that can easily render even seemingly recent technological breakthroughs obsolete. So, how can your business ever hope to keep up without investing vast amounts of time and other resources? Well, luckily enough, cloud computing is bringing about a revolution in business data management that just might make it so that you don’t have to worry about your IT issues anymore! Indeed, with many forward-thinking online data backup companies now offering a full suite of cloud computing capabilities, much that individual business owners had to often fret over in the past is starting to be turned over to the experts. This is bringing about more efficiency than ever before, and effectively allows businesses everywhere the opportunity to concentrate on what they do best: creating, marketing and selling their products.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Virtual IT - What Will it Mean for Your Business?

So, beyond the aforementioned lessening of IT-related stress, how will this radical shift in IT methodology change the operations of small-to-medium-sized businesses? Well, soon the era of fat client software will be gone, and businesses being forced to burden down the resources of their computers, servers and databases in order to access data (both off-site and over LANs) will be a thing of the past. Many modern-day backup companies are now dispensing thin clients to their customers in order to take as much of the processing involved with online data backup and cloud computing IT on their shoulders, making backing up and sharing data in the cloud a much less cumbersome and data intensive process than it used to be.

This is not only serving to make things easier for enterprises everywhere to do business, but it is also allowing for increased flexibility in terms of where data can be accessed from. Many companies are already getting used to having all of their data available to them from anywhere, using either the control panel on the online backup thin client, or simple web-based applications when on the go. Not only does this bring about increased ease-of-use with which companies can allow their workers to telecommute, but it also allows for unprecedented flexibility for collaboration in the cloud. This gives companies worldwide the opportunity to cast their net wider and wider as far as who they can work with and indeed even employ! The most successful business is one that is “on the go”, as they say, and the use of virtualization is making that even more true than it was before, with companies everywhere now enjoying these massive increases in the accessibility of their data.

In addition to this, virtualization is looking to be the “magic bullet” when it come to dealing with the overbearing costs that can come from the easily-antiquatable hardware of databases, computers, and other digital data storage and implementation systems. This is happening using the other side of virtualization, the use of two or more hardware devices to create one virtual device. This is a process that is continuing to make it so that businesses do not have to worry about the costs of having to replace their older IT systems completely anymore. Now, instead, companies are able to adhere to a more “pay-as-you-go” style upgrading model through the use of virtualization technologies, which mix together new and old IT hardware to create one virtualized network or device that is as easy on their IT budgets as possible. Thus allowing businesses to effectively “recycle” their old IT hardware!

We here at KineticD are proud to be at the forefront of this virtual IT revolution, now providing over 40,000 customers with state-of-the-art cloud computing, online backup and virtual IT solutions everyday. Feeling left behind? Why not give us a try and see what KineticD can do to bring your business smoothly into the world of virtual information technology?

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With the popularity of backing up your data online increasing more and more everyday, it is not at all surprising to see the emergence of so many new online backup companies, all eager to capitalize on this highly lucrative rise in public demand. So, bearing this mind, how does a company go about deciding which one of these online backup providers is truly the right one for all its data protection needs?

Well, first off, you’ll want to make sure that the online backup company in question can provide client software that can be used on almost any operating system, so that you will have the ability to back up any and all digital devices that you have (and any that you may purchase in the future). Of course, if your entire office, or part of it, is linked together with a local area network (LAN), then you will also want to inquire whether the backup company you are considering has what is called “agentless backup”. This allows networked computers to be backed up without having to use client software at all.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Choosing the Right Online Backup Service for Your Business

Another important aspect to consider is whether or not the online backup company’s software allows for continuous backup services – this is especially critical if your company has a high rate of data change, or erratic scheduling as far as when the largest amount of data is being generated or altered. While scheduled backups can be fine for data that is not too critical or does not change much, continuous data backup is the most reliable method for ensuring that your data is always safe and secure. In fact, nowadays many highly advanced online backup service providers offer the possibility of continuous backups for files *while they are being edited*, allowing for even more security when it comes to your company’s critical data.

Online data backup companies provide varying levels of remote access to different types of data, so you will want to be sure that the online backup provider you choose has the level of data access and sharing capabilities that you will need to make your company’s data as accessible and versatile as possible. In addition to this, having access to data from multiple locations allows lost files to be restored from anywhere at any time. Some data backup companies also make it so that they don’t just back up your data to different locations, but they can also restore lost data to entirely different machines. This is done using a process called “bare metal restore,” in which the entire contents – operating system and all – can be copied onto an entirely new hard drive on an any computer. The end user is then able to get right back to business as if nothing had ever happened!

Finally, HANDS DOWN the most important element to scrutinize when choosing which online backup service to use is the level of data security that said company employs. After all, what good does it do for your company to diligently back up its data if you are then just leaving it exposed to theft or misuse in the process? Thus, you should make sure that the *level of encryption* that the data backup company is using is of the highest order available, with bank and military grade encryption considered to be the best level of data cryptography currently available. In addition to this, be sure to verify that the online data provider that you are choosing uses these high levels of encryption not only for the data that is stored on their servers, but also for files that are in transfer between locations as well. This is important because data can often be intercepted by hackers if this is not in fact the case!

Of course, regardless of all the advantages of remaining as informed as possible of all the ever-changing intricacies of online data backup, we here at KineticD believe that the backing up and security of your data is something that you should never have to worry about. With our easy-to-install software (agentless backup also on the way!), hassle-free Continuous Backup services, innovative remote desktop features, bank grade Blowfish data encryption and more, why not try our free 14-day trial today to see what KineticD can do for your company’s online data backup needs?

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