“The customer is *always* right.” We’ve all heard this expression before, and while it may not always be true in the most literal sense, it does hold a deeper meaning: without the customer, the business ceases to be a business at all. At the heart of keeping customers happy lies customer service, a large portion of which comes down to the ease with which service-driven enterprises of all sizes can access, modify and abstract their customer information. Luckily, this aspect of running a service-driven business has become much easier and vastly more cost effective due to the recent influx of cloud computing services available from online backup companies.

Indeed, it doesn’t seem that long ago that companies who wanted to increase the availability of their customer data across their enterprise would be required to hire specialized IT professionals to run separate data centers. Of course, this was only available to businesses that had already generated enough profits to afford this extra investment in the first place, leaving many of the smaller businesses unable to implement this increase in data flexibility and efficiency. The modern-day ease of access to cloud computing services, for relatively low cost, has served to “level the playing field” a great deal for smaller service-driven businesses. This has brought about increased opportunities for developing businesses to begin to enjoy economies of scale sooner than they could in the past.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Advantages for Service-Driven Enterprises

In addition to this, virtualization is changing the way that all businesses operate from the ground up, with enterprises of all sizes enjoying the myriad of advantages that centralizing your data in the cloud brings about. One of the biggest advantages is in the area of organization, with virtualization of all company data in virtually one place, regardless of the fact that the data may be scattered about over many different physical locations and hard drives. This makes it easier than ever before for businesses to see ‘the big picture’ when it comes to their information. All of this results in higher efficiency, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction due to the ease with which products and services can be delivered to customers. Furthermore, management becomes less burdened with the organization of the enterprise’s data, and are therefore freed up to concern themselves with other areas of their service delivery.

Of course, online cloud storage is a finite resource, and high quality online backup service providers understand this. As a response, there have been a whole host of new developments in the area of data storage efficiency, including data deduplication technology and new methods of overall data compression. Not only does this end up conserving the amount of disk space that the online data backup and cloud computing company has to maintain, but it also benefits the company using their services. This is done by lessening the amount of storage space that they have to pay for in the first place. Other recent advances in how data is backed up have also helped all parties involved with cloud computing. The importance of data is now being prioritized in order to be backed up in the most efficient and logical manner possible, bringing about both faster data transition rates and increased data availability to companies of all sizes.

If your service-driven enterprise hasn’t entered into this new era of cloud computing yet, we here at KineticD believe there is no time like the present when it comes to streamlining and improving your business! After all, with over 40,000 businesses calling KineticD’s servers home for their valuable data, and client software that was awarded the “Best SaaS Business Application for SMB” by the Info Security Products Guide, why not give us a try? We even have a free 14-day trial that allows you to experience the KineticD advantage personally before signing up (no credit card required!).

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