Delivering Value to SMBs

There has been a paradigm shift in computing. The world is discussing “utility computing”. This new reality is shaping business strategy—market places are global; increased competitiveness is increased reach; uncertainty can be countered by information availability and the new normal is to align business processes to cloud computing. Small and medium businesses see value in the proposition as the cloud advantages them in many ways:
Business is no longer local, confined or constrained by the physical. The electronic world is borderless, instantly worldwide. Remote markets expose infinite potential for growth as small and medium businesses ride the cloud to reach out to these markets using web browser based accessible application interfaces.
Data backup and disaster recovery are priorities for large or small and medium organizations. Cloud backup and recovery services are becoming increasingly sophisticated as backups processes are being streamlined and service level agreements offer highly available, infinitely scalable services with deduplication, compression and other facilities to their customers. Data contained in proliferating mobile devices are linked up to a central database over the Internet for central storage and security. Further, cloud service providers add value to their services by provisioning for bank grade on military grade encryption protocols at the point of transmission and in storage. Elaborate user management systems for authentication and authorization of account users provide additional layers of data security. There is a peak in efficiency as databases and the data contained therein become more and more manageable with versioning, collaboration and indexing for e-discovery.
The biggest benefit of the cloud is seen in the greater financial control that accrues to businesses. Cloud operations are more OPEX than CAPEX and the network is instantly available across the enterprise without investing in IT infrastructure or laying down miles of cables.
The cloud is a driving force behind green computing. It provides business value by reducing carbon footprints and reducing energy consumption patterns.
We, at Data Deposit Box, believe in delivering value to our customers. We offer state of the art cloud services that include hacker proof 256 bit encryption protocols and user management interfaces for added data security. Our servers are highly available and we disaster proof our customer data by replicating it on to geographically dispersed servers for redundancy. Our data centers are physically and electronically secured against intrusion. We are environment friendly and leave only a minimal carbon footprint by our activities.

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