Cloud Backup: the Basics

Many early visual interpretations of the Internet displayed the all-knowing cumulonimbus cloud spewing out information. What exactly is going on in there? Simply put, cloud computing means accessing programs and cloud backup data through the Internet rather than a physical drive.

Cloud Vs. Local

Local computing means running off your computer’s hard drive. You use dedicated physical hardware to maintain the information from one computer or one network.
Cloud computing means managing your information strictly online. Moreover, it exists anywhere with an Internet connection. Unless you are well versed in your company’s IT practices, it’s difficult to fully understand the complexity of this virtual space.

Business in the Cloud

For most individuals, using cloud services means accessing online videos, posting to blogs and network sites, and taking part in basic functions. This is not the case in the business world.
For instance, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model that allows companies to subscribe to specific programs over the web. pioneered this service is 1999. The idea quickly evolved, and companies are now able to customize their own applications (PaaS) or even rent a whole web-based infrastructure (IaaS).
Even smaller companies enjoy their own cloud-based niche. At Data Deposit Box, we provide innovative cloud backup and recovery solutions to give small business owners a secure way to boost productivity and mobility in the digital space.

Common Cloud-Based Platforms

80% of the major corporations based in North America are currently using or considering implementing cloud-based services. Likewise, small and mid-size entities are realizing that this is the key to growth. While most online activity runs some form of cloud, here are some hard examples of common platforms currently in operation:

  • Cloud backup includes services like continuous data protection, bank-grade encryption, MSSQL solutions, open file backup, and more.
  • Browser-based apps allow users to access information directly from a specific web browser without downloading any software.
  • Google Drive is designed as a management and storage platform on which users can access all of Google’s services, including Gmail, Google Reader, and personal documents.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive is primarily used to store music purchased through the company’s online retail store.
  • Apple iCloud synchronizes Apple devices and stores online media files.

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing individual photos.
Facebook has millions of subscribers who are able to access, edit, and contribute to its cloud-based network.

The Critics

Much of the criticism against cloud technology revolves around one of three things: cost, privacy, or security.
Each innovation requires higher bandwidth, and the price for Internet service is only increasing. Some critics are hesitant to put all their cards on the table or, in this case, in the cloud. They are fearful of loss, crashes, breaches to intellectual property. In 2011, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers actually launched a global initiative to promote education and propose a standard for cloud computing.
For right now, users need to focus on securing services from a provider they can trust. At Data Deposit Box, we address many of these major concerns and offer our customers the highest level of security and innovation. Give us a call or email us at sales@kineticd.comto learn about our products.

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