There is no doubt about it; online data backup and cloud computing represent the vanguard in business information technology, with more and more small to mid-sized enterprises switching to online backup services every day. And, with all the myriad advantages that are brought about by this new highly efficient phenomenon, like remote data access and automatic, hassle-free continuous backup, it is no wonder that small to medium-sized businesses everywhere are starting to think like the big enterprises and stepping up their data backup practices by backing up in the cloud. However, like any emerging technology, online data backup can have its issues, with its “Achilles’ heel” historically being the relatively long amount of time it can often take to perform the initial total system backup, and, much more importantly, how long it can potentially take for your company to get back all of its data in the event of a data loss catastrophe.

Now, the duration of time that you would have to wait for your data to be restored from an online backup company’s servers will, of course, depend on the size of the files you are looking to retrieve in the first place. For example, a 1 megabyte word document should only take about a mere 10 seconds to retrieve over a modern day DSL line, but the information contained on a 100 gigabyte server or database can take up to 13 DAYS over the same connection! The fact of the matter is that, while the bandwidths of high-speed internet connections have improved substantially over the years, the sending of mass quantities of data at one time over the internet can still, unfortunately, take a lot longer than you might initially think. So, considering the fact that by some estimates over half of businesses are bound to suffer some form of data loss over the course of their existence, and that online data backup is the most efficient and safe way to protect your data, the question is how can businesses utilize this service and still manage to achieve their recovery time objectives?

How to Avoid the Achilles’ Heel of Online Data Backup

Well, fear not business owners, online data backup still has you covered! Businesses concerned about slow recovery times for their mission critical data can rest assured that online data backup companies have devised methods that will guarantee that their customers won’t have to be separated from their files for any longer than absolutely necessary in the event of a data loss incident. The most important of these methods is the installation of systems that combine both online data backup services and traditional onsite data backup. Under this newer “hybrid” backup system, a company’s most important files are backed up both online and to servers or external hard drives within the company itself so that these files will be instantly ready to be restored when needed, allowing the company in question to be back up and running immediately while the rest of their data is simultaneously being downloaded from the online backup data cache.

Of course, in order to fully take advantage of this new method of data backup, it is important that the client understand exactly what his or her company’s backup needs are in the first place so that they can properly prioritize how much of their data is critical to the point of needing to be restored almost immediately in order to avoid massive downtimes for their enterprise. An example of this is knowing the difference between system and restore files, so that a company’s system files can be initially backed up onsite, allowing the enterprise to thankfully avoid having to wait for all the different files that make up their operating systems and programs to be slowly transferred over the internet in the event of data loss and/or equipment failure. Using this method, they can quickly reassemble the foundation of their systems and then subsequently “fill in the blanks” with database file information from the online backup company’s servers on an as-needed basis.

So, there you have it; the Achilles’ heel of online data backup can indeed be overcome! Through the use of this new dual-layered approach to backing up, enterprises of all sizes can now enjoy both the convenience and efficiency of online data backup and the speedy recovery time of traditional onsite backup. However, there is still one more problem when it comes to avoiding long restore times for lost data; finding an online backup company that offers all of these services, especially for a price that can be afforded by both larger and smaller enterprises alike, can often prove quite a challenge. Fortunately, however, there are a few online data backup companies out there that provide all of these services, and one of them is KineticD!

Indeed, we here at KineticD are proud to provide a whole host of services for combined cloud and localized backup. We don’t require you to use proprietary hardware for your local backups like many other online backup service providers do, instead supplying your company with a hardware-agnostic local component that will allow your company to utilize whatever external hard drives or standard servers you elect to use in order to initially back up some or all of your data, and then in turn stream that data to our online servers, saving system resources and ensuring quick restore times. With our patented Continuous Backup technology, your small to medium-sized business can enjoy the peace of mind of not having to worry about ever remembering to back up again, and rest assured in the knowledge that, in the case of a data loss disaster, your company will be in the hands of an experienced online data backup provider that can guarantee you the fastest restore times that the online backup industry has to offer, and all at a price that is affordable to businesses of all sizes and in all stages of development.

And, speaking of affordability, we are happy to provide a free 14-day trial of our services, allowing you to fully experience what we have to offer your company firsthand without having to spend a dime. So, with over 15,000 satisfied businesses enjoying our online backup and cloud computing services everyday, why not give us a try today and see what KineticD can do for your business?

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