Every day the myriad of extra advantages that come from backing up your data online are becoming more and more well-known by both businesses and individuals. Indeed, besides just protecting you and your company from data loss of all types, online backup also brings about easier file sharing, convenient cloud computing and increased mobile data availability. But, what about protecting your computer itself from something like theft? Surely that is only the purview of the insurance companies, right? Well, we here at KineticD recently had an experience that broadened OUR minds about how many different advantages backing up online can offer.

Recently, one of our customers named Joanne called us up and told us that her laptop had unfortunately been stolen and she was hoping to get her data back from us by using a different computer. However, the folks in our customer service department had a better idea. You see, one of the major advantages of using KineticD to back up your valuable data is the fact that, once you have installed our software on your computer, you get to enjoy the stress-free convenience of our patented Continuous Backup?? system that makes it so you never have to think about scheduling backups again. Any time a file is changed it is automatically backed up to our servers, creating an up-to-the-minute, fool-proof data backup system.

How KineticD Helped a Client Retrieve her Stolen Laptop

Well, it turns out that Continuous Backup could protect our clients even more than we had originally thought possible. After verifying Joanne’s identity, we then searched for her computer on our systems to find out when it had last performed any sort of backup. Sure enough, we saw that the computer had indeed automatically backed itself up from somewhere since it had been stolen from her. From there we determined the IP address that had been used, passed that information on to the Toronto police, who in turn found the location of the IP address and actually got the laptop back!

Needless to say, Joanne was very pleased about this. After all, while she had wisely trusted her data to us here at KineticD, she had no idea that we could also potentially help her retrieve her computer if stolen. Sometime after the incident she emailed us, saying; “thank you so much for your prompt response(s) on this, and for quickly escalating it up to your supervisor who took action. My stolen laptop was returned to me by the police last night. It’s a little the worse for wear appearance-wise, but because of the timeliness of KineticD’s actions, there is still a lot of my data on it. Again, thank you, and please pass on my thanks to your supervisor Jamaal, Tim and anyone else who assisted.”

So, there you have it. By making the responsible decision to back up her data online with KineticD, Joanne was not only able to reclaim all of her backed up data, but also to received her actual laptop back, demonstrating yet another way that taking advantage of our online backup service ensures that you are as safe and protected as possible from any type of data loss disaster the world may throw your way. Why not try our free 14-day trial today and see what you think for yourself?

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