Security and Mobility in the Cloud

The two main advantages of cloud backup services are the mobility and security that they provide to end users. Cloud backup services try to ensure that its customers can not only be mobile, but also secure at the same time.

In fact, not only do cloud backup services allow their customers to access data wherever they roam, but they also have established security guidelines regarding the mobile connectivity services they offer. Mobility is one of the main advantages of cloud computing as data can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as there is access to the Internet via a handheld device, PC, tablet or smart phone. The data is stored in the cloud waiting to be accessed, but mobility could come at a price if the end users’ security is compromised when they attempt to access their data.  Exploitable mobile application vulnerabilities are not uncommon in the industry and there are many ways that data can be compromised or intercepted. So, this implies that there are risks associated with storing and accessing data in the cloud.

However, this is something that cloud backup services who offer mobile connectivity services as part of their service package are cognizant of and they make every attempt to ensure that their customers are protected. Focusing on application security needs, they want to ensure that their customers have mobility without any of the risks and vulnerabilities that might arise and are vigilant in trying to prevent any possible breaches. There are a variety of ways that cloud backup services try to ensure the protection of their clients.

For example, authentication is one way that cloud backup services ensure that a company’s mobile workforce is protected. Administrators identify the mobile user and attempt to detect any potential security threats by abstracting them from the mobile device and isolating them on the cloud server where they are more easily detected. This means that there is a safeguard in place when a mobile user attempts to access the cloud backup services to ensure that any threats from their mobile devices are isolated and dealt with. Knowing how seriously these companies take security should give anyone accessing cloud backup services using a mobile device a huge peace of mind.

Another security conscious feature of cloud backup services are the secure plug-ins. These secure plug-ins have been specifically developed for different mobile operating systems and are tailor made to meet a mobile customer’s needs — whatever they may be.

Cloud backup services take security seriously in order to allow mobile users to have peace of mind when they access the cloud from one of their mobile devices. Therefore, rest assured, that if you are mobile user, you are protected in the cloud.

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