How Safe are Cloud Based Services?

There are many benefits to cloud based computing. Cloud based services offer companies an efficient and cost effective way to store an unlimited amount of data and allow for the mobility of their employees as well as a variety of other tangible benefits. However, an important question to ask is how secure are cloud based services?

Cloud based companies do their best to ensure that their clients are safe from cyber threats and cyber attacks. For instance, online businesses are being secured with state of the art Internet protocols, that are becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the Cloud. Growing Internet based security tools are solutions that filter malware and adware and all kinds of viruses that may infect a website; filtering URL, adhering to policy compliance, and preventing data loss.
However, Cyber criminals constantly prowl cyberspace looking for their next victims. In fact, studies indicate that thousands of legitimate websites are infected with virus on a daily basis. Businesses can encounter thousands of malware threats on a monthly and yearly basis. This is an ever present and growing concern.
Cloud based companies, however, are cognizant of these threats and are proactive in combating them. These technologically based threats have technologically based solutions, and cloud vendors are proactive in trying to address and prevent these threats to protect their customers from cyber criminals.
Some of the methods that cloud vendors use to protect their customers include gateway solutions which filter malware and adware and other viruses. In addition, cloud vendors try to detect threats in real time.
One of the most salient benefits of the cloud is that it allows companies a great deal of mobility. Their employees can conduct business around the globe and access their data in the cloud from wherever they are and from whatever device they may be traveling with; be it a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The cloud allows this instant access to company files and data that they need while they are on the road. However, this increasing mobility of employees provides additional challenges. The Internet may be accessed from a variety of devices which could be unknowingly infected with a virus. These devices connect to accounts in the cloud. Cloud based vendors try to ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent these viruses from spreading.
It is in the best interest of cloud vendors to continue to be proactive in combating malware, adware, and other viruses. Cloud vendors are doing their best to protect their clients from these cyber threats.

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