Is Doing Business in the Cloud Risky?

Like any developing technology, doing business in the cloud has risks. However, these risks, while not negligible, are taken seriously by cloud service providers. What are some of the risks of doing business in the cloud?

One factor to consider is the security of an organization’s data in the cloud. How safe is it and what safeguards are cloud based companies taking to ensure the security of the data of their customers? Well, over the course of the past few years, cloud based companies have taken a variety of steps to ensure their clients data is protected. These concrete steps are reflected in the confidence that users show in cloud based companies. In fact, studies have show that 75% of companies who store their data in the cloud are not concerned about the security of their data. They exhibit confidence that it is secure, showing a great vote of confidence for cloud based services.

Storing your precious data with a third party can be nerve wracking. For many companies, their data is the lifeblood of their business. They need to ensure that if they transfer their data to the cloud, that not only is it safe and secure, but also that there will be no risk in losing data when migrating to the cloud.
These are valid concerns, but there is little basis for them because migrating data to the cloud is a painless and seamless process. In addition, once it is transferred to the cloud, it will be easily accessible. It is just a matter of working with your cloud vendor. There is little risk involved in transferring data to the cloud.
Perhaps, the solution is simply a matter of education and awareness. There are many companies doing business in the cloud today and the number is increasing every day. Many companies and end users do not even realize that they might be doing business in the cloud without even knowing it. They could be reading a book in the cloud, doing their taxes in the cloud, managing their finances in the cloud or attending a teleconference in the cloud. Once they realize how easy it can be to do business in the cloud, making the decision to have their data stored in the cloud should not be an issue.
In addition, companies that still have doubts about making the switch to the cloud and migrating their data to a cloud vendor, simply need to do research about it. The research will reveal that switching to the cloud has minimal risks. It is not risk free, but cloud vendors have taken many steps to ensure the security of their client’s data and also ensure that in the event that data might be lost or compromised, that it can easily retrieved. Safeguards are already in place and as the industry continues to grow and develop are getting stronger and more secure all the time.

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