For 20 plus years, many businesses have been backing up their data to tape. Tape backup was the most efficient method of backup of its time and stayed this way until fairly recently. As time progressed, it became apparent that tape backups were becoming obsolete and that a better solution was needed. Disk based cloud backup solutions were the answer and eliminated the hurdles associated with traditional tape backups.

Why Choose Offsite Cloud Backup Over Traditional Tape Backup?

What were the problems associated with traditional tape backup?

The biggest and most time consuming job was managing the tapes after a backup was performed. This required either yourself or another employee at the company to spend valuable time, changing, storing and rotating the physical tapes at backup time and even trying to find the correct tape at restore time!. If a company had multiple locations, this job became even more cumbersome. To add more difficulty to the problem, tape backup users would also be faced with verifying the data on the tapes, physical tape corruption or damage (all tapes will eventually fail for a fact), running regular disaster recovery exercises and the element of human error. We didn’t even mention the cost associated with tapes, tape loaders and other expensive software and hardware required to run a tape based backup solution.

Advantages of disk based cloud backup

Offsite cloud backup has many advantages over traditional tape backups including cost savings, reliability and speed. Remote offsite cloud backup centers running ROBOBAK provide today’s businesses a safe and reliable method to protect their mission critical data from the most common elements of data loss which include backup media expiration, human error, theft, and major natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes etc… The ROBOBAK Offsite cloud based backup solution provides users with peace of mind knowing that their data is safe, encrypted and replicated allowing users to sleep better at night.

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