People often ask the question “What’s in a name?” In the business world, a name goes far beyond being simply an identifying tag. It represents the identity of a company, the philosophy that it adheres to, and the industry in which it practices. The reputation associated with it is perhaps the most effective marketing tool an organization can ever develop. To customers, it’s symbolic of the confidence they have in a company. We here at KineticD have worked tirelessly to build that confidence in our customers. Now, we’re looking to take another step forward in reinforcing that confidence by taking a step back. In 2002, we began our operations under the name Data Deposit Box. In November of this year, we’ll return to our roots by rebranding KineticD back to our original company name.

The KineticD Legacy

Data Deposit Box (or DDB, as we were commonly known) was established with one goal in mind: to empower organizations with the tools and the confidence to take a more active role in understanding and managing their vital business data. Our initial success allowed us to grow into KineticD: a brand recognized throughout the SMB cloud market for providing outstanding entire business protection. As KineticD, we’ve grown to establish a global partner network of over 1000 resellers and 100 MSPs. That allows us to support a worldwide base of over 60,000 clients.
It was in evaluating the feedback that we received from these clients that we first recognized the potential need to better represent our services and products through our brand name. The more we analyzed what they were saying, the more we saw how a return to our roots was needed. By once again becoming DDB, we believe we’ll be able to address the following key points:

  • Better defining what we do best
  • Creating a more unique yet easier to remember brand
  • Returning to the roots upon which we were founded

What to Expect

Yet don’t think that everything that you came to expect from us as KineticD will suddenly go away with this rebranding. Rather, think of it as getting the best of both worlds: all of the bells and whistles that you’d typically expect from a corporation with a global footprint that can also offer the same level of one-on-one service that you might expect from a startup. Through it all, our core services will remain the same: quality guidance and administrative assistance covering all points if cloud backup, including:

  • Continuous data protection
  • Advanced scheduled backup
  • Hybrid backup
  • State-of-the-art versioning
  • Open file and virtual machine backup
  • Bank grade encryption

Plus, just as you came to expect from KineticD, DDB will backup PCs, Macs, Databases, as well as servers and virtual servers at the same price.
Our mission is to stay true to who we currently are. We believe that going forward, the key to accomplishing that is remembering who we initially were. We’re committed to staying capable to support any and all industry and technological advances to better serve you. That requires that we strive to make every aspect of our business dynamic. Yet whether we’re operating as either DDB or KineticD, you still can expect the same thing from us: the premier cloud backup service in the business. With KineticD, we established the standard for cloud data storage solutions. As DDB, we’ll continue to raise that standard even further.

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