Let’s face it, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes because it’s just human nature. This also holds true for data backup because no matter what processes you have in place, things will go wrong. This includes forgetting to run a critical backup, mistakenly losing a tape or DVD or simply not monitoring backups at all.

Human error can be eliminated all together by using the correct offsite backup solution because your data protection would happen automatically without human touch. You would never have to be worried again about forgetting to run a backup, physically moving a tape offsite or purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware and software.

Taking Human Error Out of Backup for Small Business

Other benefits of cloud based offsite backup include protecting you and your organization against disgruntled employees by keeping your data encrypted, improving cash flow by paying monthly for the space you use and the cost savings of eliminating the need for an expensive IT agent.

Let’s face it, you as a small business owner already wear enough different hats and worrying about your data is the last thing you should be focused on. You need an all in one, set it and forget it, cloud backup solution that provides automatic schedules, encryption, compression, and deduplication. ROBOBAK is this solution. Let a professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) running the ROBOBAK solution alleviate this headache by providing you the reporting, security and peace of mind that your data needs. As Edward Murphy would say: “If anything can go wrong, it will”.

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