When it comes to choosing the right backup provider, one needs to consider the reliability, availability, and redundancy of each vendor. On the surface, reliability, redundancy, and availability appear to be the same thing since they help to increase efficiency, however, there are distinctions that one should be aware of when choosing a cloud backup vendor.


Redundancy is necessary because it increases the amount of functional components in a data storage system. If that system goes offline for any reason, such as maintenance, there is no disruption to your organization, because there are duplicate functions that can take over. Redundancy helps to keep a system operational during planned downtime. Keep in mind that redundant functions exist in all sorts of data center systems, especially in servers, storage, power and cooling, fans, and more.
To shed more light on this concept, let’s use the “N” theory. “N” represents the amount of elements that are needed to perform a certain function. N+1 means that the system has one more than what is necessary for a function to run. If you want to double or even triple the amount, you would use 2N and 3N respectively. The more redundant elements or redundancy a cloud backup or data center has, the longer it can be unavailable and your organization will still remain fully operational.


It is always a good idea to plan for the unexpected. Think of availability as preparedness for unplanned downtime. When determining availability, one needs to calculate how much downtime capacity a storage system has. For example, a system that operates every single day of the year or for 8,760 hours and has an availability of 97.4% means that it is capable of withstanding 8.53 hours of annual downtime. The higher the downtime percentage, the better.


Reliability is a combination of redundancy and availability. There are many different ratings used to indicate reliability in the industry. And while there isn’t a universal standard, it is much easier and productive for one to be fully aware of their options so they can implement a strategy to find the best cloud backup solution for their needs.
Although a large number of companies and organizations feel that they need to have around-the-clock uptime and availability, in reality the cost to build a strong data center that is capable of meeting those demands often exceed what is in the budget. Also, as business needs grow, so does the need to expand the capabilities of the data center, which not very practical, affordable, or easy to do.
Instead, the best solution for businesses that need a strong data center, but don’t have the time, money, or resources to construct one is to use a credible cloud vendor that has a strong data center behind it. All of your data remains safe, secure, and accessible in real-time. As your data storage needs grow, you don’t have to spend time or money buying additional storage devices, or trying to develop a plan that enables you to keep up with your needs. Also, as technology continues to advance, you gain access to the latest and greatest developments from your cloud vendor. Contact Data Deposit Box today to learn how we can improve the speed, performance, and efficiency at which your data is managed, archived, and recovered.

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