Can Cloud Vendors Deliver What They Promise?

Cloud vendors offer a variety of services. What assurances are there that cloud vendors can deliver the services they promise? How can they guarantee they will be able to satisfy their customer’s demands?
Like any new technology, cloud based technology has its share of challenges. With the industry changing so quickly due to technological advances, it can be difficult for companies to keep up with the changes. It can also be difficult for companies to keep their customers up to date with all of the latest changes. This could create a lack of trust from consumers, who are wary to take a chance on a new technology that they have never tried before. It is up to cloud vendors to do whatever they can to allay their concerns.
Cloud vendors must also deliver if they promise a certain level of performance. They need to provide agreed level of service. However, you need to keep in mind that, if a cloud service provider is unable to provide the level of service that they promised, there may be circumstances beyond their control.
For example, a vendor’s promises might be dependent upon certain specifications being fulfilled prior to the delivery of the service. If these specifications are not what they are supposed to be, this will hinder the ability of the cloud vendor to do what it has promised. In addition, another extenuating circumstance is that there may be hardware or software problems, which can adversely affect the cloud vendor’s ability to provide adequate service to its customers. Therefore, before you blame your cloud vendor for not being able to provide the level of service you were expecting, try to make allowances for extenuating circumstances that may be preventing them from fulfilling their end of the bargain. However, despite these challenges, there are a variety of things that cloud vendors can do to ensure customer satisfaction.
First of all, they can ensure that a customer’s data is safe and secure. If data is lost, they can assure them that an adequate data recovery plan is in place to retrieve the lost data.
Another thing they can do is to work with customers to keep them informed of any new industry changes or changes to their service. Communication is one way of keeping cloud vendor customers happy.
In addition, some cloud service vendors offer service agreements, spelling out in detail all of the services they will provide. This is a good way for a customer to ensure they are receiving the services they desire, and have them in writing and ensure copies are kept in a safe place.
It is up the individual company to ensure that they maintain the highest standards and to keep the lines of communication open with their customers. This is the most effective way to keep customers happy. Communication is the key.

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