Cloud storage is often discussed in the context of giant server farms in constant states of downloading, storing and refreshing data for huge enterprises, even though all businesses need data security. Data Deposit Box wondered why cloud solutions are directed at the big guy, when most businesses require some measure of protection for digital information. We decided to focus on bringing the benefits of cloud computing to small and medium businesses in 2002, and have found success helping a new group of businesses understand the importance of securing valuable data. CIO Review magazine featured this important step in cloud computing in its February 2015 issue. The article highlights the traditional cloud solution, Data Deposit Box’s answer for smaller businesses and the work ahead.

Size Doesn’t Matter

It’s been said many times for many reasons, but it is true for cloud storage, too: Size does not matter. CIO Review’s feature on Data Deposit Box points out that the cost and complexity of implementing a data security solution using cloud storage has traditionally kept smaller businesses away. Data Deposit Box examined the disparity between the services and scale readily available to large enterprises and their lack of availability to smaller organizations.
The article describes how Data Deposit Box “has profoundly answered” the disparity of secure data storage for small and medium businesses “by offering SMBs a reliable cloud solution which enables them to secure, share and access information from any location at any time.” Data Deposit Box formulated a cloud computing solution for businesses of any size, giving smaller companies a way to protect data without a big business budget.

Data Protection for SMBs

Data Deposit Box offers SMBs data security through a hybrid backup method. All files are stored locally in traditional on-site storage and duplicated in the cloud. New and updated files are streamed to Data Deposit Box’ SSAE16 certified cloud data centers, creating a constant backup of valuable information in the cloud. The information is readily available for recovery in case of on-site failures.
The CIO Review article calls Data Deposit Box’s solutions for SMBs an “unconstrained solution set” that sets it apart from other data solutions providers. Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Three different backup clients for PCs and Macs, Android and iOS mobile devices and SMB servers
  • Native continuous data security and open file backups
  • Backups for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V, VMWARE and QuickBooks
  • Facilitation of agentless backups for servers and databases

Data Deposit Box makes these services available to smaller businesses by offering implementation that requires minimal time and investment from business owners. SMBs get the scalability and protection of the cloud with a price tag and maintenance suited for their budgets.

Data Deposit Box and the Future of SMB Data Solutions

CIO Review’s article also highlights Data Deposit Box’s plans to roll out a device-agnostic SMB product next. This development would further bridge the gap between the big guys and SMBs by allowing changes from one central console.
The full CIO Review is available here.
You already know that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the value of your company’s data. Data Deposit Box can help you find a cloud solution for your data that is scaled for your business. To find out more about our simple and affordable security solutions for your digital information, contact Data Deposit Box at 866.430.2406 today.

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