In a perfect world, there would be no need to backup your company’s data; computers and hard drives would last forever, outside threats like malicious hackers and natural disasters would be non-existent and employees would never forget to save a file. Of course, this perfect world, unfortunately, does not exist, and for this reason, businesses of all types and sizes know that keeping their data backed up and protected at all times must be of the utmost priority if they wish to remain in business in the first place.

However, just as there is no perfect world, there is also no perfect backup solution. Indeed, from the relatively ancient technology of the digital tape all the way to modern day continuous online backup, there are myriad things that can potentially go wrong with whatever method of data backup you might choose. Nevertheless, of all the backup methods available, online data backup is by far the most successful data security method when it comes to avoiding bad backups. So, how does cloud storage seek to overcome the unfortunate inevitability of occasional data errors and other backup hindering problems?

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Avoiding Bad Backups with Cloud Data Storage

Automatic data backup logs and recovery tools
Unlike the more antiquated methods of backing up data, most online data backup client software includes the capability of instantly tracking and subsequently correcting the errors that can lead to unsuccessful backup attempts. Although less commonly catastrophic with incremental backup methods, unforeseen events like power failures can still lead to incomplete or error-filled backups when utilizing cloud services. The more advanced online data backup companies meet the challenge of overcoming dangers like these through the use of backup logs and automatic system assessment tools that alert both the cloud vendor and end user that something has gone wrong with the data backup process. In fact, in many cases, the client software installed on the company’s computers will automatically scan for errors, fix any it might find and then resume backup automatically.

Maintaining data security through advanced encryption methods
Of course, since online backup involves the transfer of sensitive company files over the Internet to the backup company’s servers, and files in transit can of course potentially be vulnerable to interception, online backup companies must employ high-grade levels of data encryption to keep their customers’ data out of the wrong hands. Files are often encrypted on the client’s end, before they are sent to the online backup company’s servers, and, once there, further encryption methods are often employed. As an additional security step, in many cases the data cannot be unencrypted by the online backup company at all while being stored on their servers because, through the use of client-side encryption keys, the client is the only one that can actually unlock the encryption and access their files, which of course serves to further guarantee that the data of a given enterprise remains completely private.

Hybrid backup solutions
As stated before, there is no perfect backup method, and any modern day cloud storage provider of merit understands that no matter what level of data encryption is implemented to protect their customers’ data (both while on their servers and in transit between them and the end user), hackers, eavesdroppers and packet sniffers could still, at any time, potentially threaten the integrity of your company’s backup. For this reason, many forward-thinking online data backup providers are beginning to encourage their users to house an onsite copy of their backup in addition to the one on the online backup company’s servers. This effectively creates a new hybrid form of backup in which data is passed both to the onsite servers and those of the cloud vendor at the same time. Another advantage to this dual-layered backup approach is the speed at which companies can achieve a complete system restore from a local backup cache as opposed to one that is online.

At KineticD, we take the security of our clients’ data very seriously indeed, and that is why we have created the most advanced software around for our data protection solutions for small and medium businesses. Our software instantly reports any problem that may occur with your continuous backup procedure so that it can be remedied immediately. We use the highest level bank-grade encryption available to keep your data as protected as possible, and we also employ extensive data mirroring (keeping multiple copies of your data at physically separate locations) so that you never have to worry about us losing any of your files due to unforeseen, geographically specific circumstances like fires, earthquakes or theft. Above all, we know that a bad backup means that you might as well have no backup up at all, so that is why we go out of our way on every level possible to maintain the integrity of all the files that you choose to back up with KineticD.

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When it comes to the decisions made by businesses, money is almost always, above and beyond, the bottom line. And for good reason; the purpose of creating and developing a business in the first place is, of course, to generate capital, and so it’s no wonder that more and more enterprises of all sizes are turning toward cloud storage solutions to cut costs when it comes to their IT, data management and backup concerns.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Pinpointing The Hidden Economic Advantages of Online Data Backup

But, how does the cloud help businesses save money in the first place? Well, first and foremost, the scalable solutions offered by many online data backup and cloud storage providers allow companies the ability to only pay for the amount of infrastructure that they need at any given time, and this is especially advantageous for SMBs. Indeed, by allowing the bulk of their data management and backup needs to be handled by a third party provider, businesses of all sizes can instantly cut costs by not having to invest unnecessary funds toward the creation of expensive in-house data management systems and IT infrastructure. Much like the obvious efficiency of purchasing your electricity from a utility company as opposed to erecting your own personal power plant, outsourcing your data management needs to a third party should be considered a “no-brainer” for businesses of almost all sizes and types.

However, while the scalability of online data backup and cloud computing solutions is becoming more and more of a well known (and thus increasingly sought after) commodity, it is also unfortunately easy for businesses to underestimate the myriad additional cost reductions that can also come about by taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer. After all, it is a well known axiom that “time is money”, and the easier it is for the employees of a given enterprise to access, share and protect their data, the more time that is saved, and thus the more money. The utilization of third party cloud storage service providers allows businesses to keep their IT slowdowns (and indeed shutdowns) to a minimum, and the “set it and forget it” nature of automatic, incremental online data backup also help businesses save time and cut costs.

It is for these reasons and many more that businesses are turning in increasing numbers to the cloud for the management and protection of all of their company data, with the amount of new enterprises signing up increasing at an average of 18% a year. Usually, the main aspect that initially attracts many businesses to begin harnessing the power of the cloud is the immediate and obvious savings that they can reap. However, over time, it is the previously mentioned factors of sheer convenience offered by cloud computing that keeps them signed on year after year. For example, once a business gets used to its employees having the ability to easily access any of the enterprise’s files that they might need during important business trips, the harder it is going to be to decide to go back to the more traditional, internal IT infrastructures of days gone by.

Indeed, the real long-term savings that cloud computing can help bring about for your enterprise take many subtle forms, and often have to do with the convenience that they bring to your business, and thus these savings can often be somewhat difficult to quantify. However, we here at KineticD think that once you give our online cloud storage and backup solution a try, you’ll be hard-pressed to want to keep doing things the old-fashioned way. That’s why we are offering our free 14-day trial, so that SMBs can test our services out for themselves at no risk and see just what outsourcing their data concerns to the cloud can do to help save them time and money.

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