move business critical apps to virtual machine

Reasons to Move Business-Critical Applications to Virtual Machines

Moving applications and data to virtual machines – i.e. virtualizing these applications – is a major change for businesses. If anything were to go wrong with business-critical applications, a company would have a lot to worry about. Lack…
Virtual Machines Backup Strategies

Virtual Machine Backup Strategies

Virtualization can offer significant benefits for businesses with large amounts of data. This IT strategy involves creating a virtual machine with operating system-like capabilities to store and run large applications. This effectively separates…

KineticD & Security: Why your backups were not affected by Heartbleed.

As you may be aware, a major vulnerability code named Heartbleed recently been discovered for OpenSSL, the popular encryption software that powers two thirds (2/3) of the Internet. Since KineticD only relied on OpenSSL for our marketing portals,…