There is no denying that cloud computing is in fact the way of the future when it comes to IT for both personal and business use. Small and large enterprises everywhere are increasingly turning to utilization of the cloud to get the most out of their data. However, regardless of all of this new found popularity, there are a lot of folks out there who might still be wondering, “What is cloud computing, anyway?”

Well, to start off, the expression “cloud computing” itself comes from visual abstractions that were drawn up in the past to illustrate the networks created by telephone systems, and later for computer networks within businesses and the Internet itself. All of these ended up resembling a cloud-like structure. As far as a simple definition is concerned, cloud computing is the process in which individuals and businesses alike can access applications and data that are stored on hard drives and servers that are housed remotely, allowing the individual or company to have equal access to this information from almost any location through the use of client and web-based interfaces. Users of cloud services are able to enjoy many advantages, including file sharing, file versioning, remote data access and automatic backups of their in-house computers and databases.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Different Types of Cloud Computing

There are also many different types of clouds out there to choose from! One of the oldest types is called an “internal cloud”, which is the name for any cloud network that is created by and housed in the enterprise that is using it. ”Private clouds” are networks in which the administrator’s data is strictly personal and thus never shared with anyone, while public clouds are the type that allow for the sharing of data and collaboration in the cloud. Furthermore, a “virtual private cloud” is one that is contained and delivered over a public network, but is made virtually private through the use of special tools and data encryption. Finally, an “external cloud” refers to the type of cloud computing that is currently becoming more and more ‘in vogue’ with businesses, and would be defined as a public cloud operated and maintained over a private network by a third party. Nowadays, the third party in question is often an online data backup company.

Of course, the increase in the popularity of cloud computing is certainly easy to understand when you consider the multi-fold advantages that participating in cloud computing can bring about. Smaller businesses can use the cloud to make up for their lack of data storage facilities and processing power, while businesses of all sizes can enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that their backed up data is in safe hands. Not to mention save money that they would have otherwise have had to spend on creating their own separate storage services. Both of these major advantages are serving to change the entire nature of IT for business from the ground up, with the convenience and accessibility of cloud computing becoming more and more expected from businesses of almost all types and sizes.

We here at KineticD are very proud to be part of this revolution in IT, and we understand that many small to medium-sized businesses have a lot of tough choices to make when it comes to how they are going to implement their IT infrastructure in this increasingly cloud-based IT business environment. We believe that we do indeed have the solution; large enterprise-grade online backup and cloud computing services at a price that smaller businesses can afford and a scalable pricing system that can accommodate for a growing business’ often rapidly changing needs. After all, why shouldn’t your business have all the tools that current technologies have to offer? That is why we came up with KineticSecure and KineticExtend, our all-in-one online backup and data mobility suites that are specifically tailored with modern day small to mid-sized business in mind. And, to make sure that all businesses can have an equal chance to try out our services, we always extend a free 14-day trial to our potential customers, so there’s truly no excuse not to check out what the KineticD advantage is all about!


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There is no doubt about it; online data backup has opened the doors to many new innovations and information access methods that help businesses of all types and sizes to truly get the most they can out of their data. These new advantages are now afforded to companies of all sizes, which has served to level the playing field when it comes to competition. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) everywhere have tools that up until now were only available to the bigger enterprises, now at their disposal. With cloud computing, the world of disaster recovery, mobile data access and global cloud collaboration are letting businesses everywhere enjoy an unprecedented level of data flexibility that would have been unthinkable only several years ago.

However, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of online data backup that lies at the heart of all of this new found data efficiency; keeping your system backed up in the first place! It’s a sad fact that massive data loss has been the culprit of many a developing business’ demise, and automatic, online data backup helps keep this from happening to developing businesses. This is done by relieving them of the burden of having to be disciplined about backing up at all. Indeed, with online data backup, companies can simply “set it and forget it” as they say, and get on with other business matters that are more developmentally important to their burgeoning enterprise. Furthermore, the advanced encryption levels now used in online data backup ensure that a company is not putting itself in the position of suffering any sort of security vulnerabilities by backing up, or accessing and sharing, their data in the cloud.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Increase Your Business Data Flexibility with Cloud Computing

The nature of business itself is changing, with enterprises of all sizes now required to be more mobile in order to keep up with the competition. Gone are the days when a business could simply set up shop somewhere and rely solely on telecommunications and email to interface with the outside world. As technologies of all types, including phones and computers, have become more and more mobile in society in general, so too has the business world. Business information now needs to be accessible from anywhere at any time to maintain its value and relevance. Online data backup spearheaded this revolution by bringing about a scenario in which all of a company’s data is centralized, constantly up to date, and accessible in a variety of ways from any location. Businesses no longer have to put off expanding due to the often expensive overhead of wide area networks. Online data backup makes it possible to have as many different locations or branches as your business can afford.

Collaboration, both within a company and with other businesses worldwide, is now easily achieved and quite common using the power of cloud computing. Multiple users can now combine forces to work on a single file or group of files, with all parties being able to alter the data they are accessing at will without fear of making mistakes. This is due not only to the power of cloud computing, but also to the implementation of file versioning by the online backup companies; a practice in which older versions of files are temporarily saved on the online backup cache in case there is a mis-save or corruption to the version of the file that is being edited. In addition to this, when seeking to collaborate with others on businesses trips, employees no longer need to worry about having all of their data with them on their mobile device. Instead, if they forget something, or just don’t want to take the time to copy all the files they might need onto their laptop or other portable digital device, they can simply access the data from the online backup servers, or from their business PC itself. This is done using mobile desktop applications, which are now often supplied by many online data backup companies.

We here at KineticD make it a top priority that any business who’s data we are protecting enjoy the greatest flexibility possible when it comes to accessing and using that data in the first place. KineticSecure, our online backup service, backs up your company’s data continuously while KineticExtend, our suite of mobile data applications, makes your company’s data available to employees wherever they might be – through easy-to-use graphic interfaces that are either web or client-based. With the rock-solid reliability of our data backup system, our state-of-the-art cloud computing services and the around-the-clock availability of our customer service team, it’s no wonder that every day more and more SMBs everywhere are turning to KineticD to help them both protect and get the most out of their data.


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When it comes to the configuration and implementation of IT for small to medium-sized businesses, the times are indeed “a’changin’”. Gone are the days when corporate IT administrators had to be tethered to their data centers in order to oversee and manipulate the day-to-day goings on with business data. Through the widespread popularity of online data backup and cloud computing, IT administrators everywhere are now able to monitor, access and otherwise manage their company’s data from anywhere, including while on the go. So they can use laptops, smartphones and other portable digital devices.

Cloud computing itself has undergone quite an improvement with the more common use of web-based interfaces to interact with online data. Unlike in the past, when the only way to access an online data backup company’s servers was through the use of specialized client software (which, due to its more advanced capabilities than web-based applications, is still in common usage and usually forms the primary communication and data transportation method for online data backup). Nowadays, small to medium-sized businesses everywhere are enjoying heightened levels of data access through the use of simple web-based interfaces, which can allow multiple users to access varying levels of company data from almost anywhere – as long as either Internet access or cell phone reception is available.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: IT Administration Made Easy with Online Backup Services

In addition to this, IT administrators can now enjoy new ease in the creation of users, the assigning of users to various groups, the deletion of users and the awarding of varying levels of rights and permissions to users – all while on the go! Ready access to audit logs that keep track of all user activity on a company’s system is another added perk to modern day online data backup, with IT administrators now automatically being alerted as to when any unauthorized activities are attempted by users, or of any other suspicious or unusual activity that may be taking place with any data or hardware on the system. This allows the IT administrators to be kept more up-to-date and security-aware than ever. And the list goes on; using either the client software or the web-based portal, administrators can schedule when backups are to take place, be alerted of any corrupted file that may be stored on the system (before it becomes a real problem!), create backup sets and much, much more.

Also, many activities that used to have to be carried out manually by the person in charge of the company’s IT system can now be set to be performed automatically by the online data backup company’s software. This includes bandwidth throttling and the analysis of which folders or hard drives experience the most changes in data. Thereby identifying which ones could be potentially better preserved through the use of continuous backups, as opposed to only scheduled ones. Whereas in the past IT had to remember themselves when to schedule backups and double-check that they had indeed successfully taken place, now the process of performing backups can be automated. IT administrators only have to sit back and wait for the post-backup report to be automatically generated and sent to them from the client software or web-based interface! Features like data encryption and compression can also now be automatically applied to in-house data from the online backup company’s software, making the IT administrator’s job even easier!

Of course, we here at KineticD are proud to help make the IT implementation of your small to medium-sized business much more efficient and easier to deal with through the use of our award-winning client and web-based online data backup/cloud computing software. In fact, we specialize in providing enterprise grade services at a price that smaller businesses can afford, without cutting back at all on what we can provide our customers in the process. By using our award-winning [KineticSecure][2] and [KineticExtend][3] suits of online backup and cloud computing software (voted [“Best SaaS Business Application for SMB”][4] by the Security Products Guide), your business will be able to enjoy all the features discussed above and more. Don’t just take our word for it – sign up for our [free 14-day trial][5] today and find out just how easy IT can be with KineticD! [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]:

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The increasing popularity of online data backup has served to bring into common usage many innovative new technologies, one of which is data deduplication. Simply put, data deduplication is the process in which redundant (or duplicated) data is removed from disk storage, with only one copy of the previously duplicated data remaining. This lone copy is then designated with references to all the files that it pertains to so that all of these files remain functionally intact. This method of data compression helps save disk space and also serves to speed up the data transfer times necessary for backing up.

Now, technology experts might be quick to point out that data deduplication is not literally a technology unto itself, due to the fact that it can be performed in different ways using different types of technologies. There are two main types of data deduplication, “in-line” and “post-process”. With in-line data deduplication, data is deduplicated as it is stored onto the hard drive or server being used, while post-process deduplication, as its name implies, involves data undergoing the deduplication process after it has been transferred on the digital storage device. The latter of these methods is the older and more common form of deduplication, with many companies claiming that deduplicating at the time of committing the information to the storage device (once again, “in-line” data deduplication) is too time-consuming a process. However, most online backup companies today employ some combination of both methods in order to bring about the most efficient and stable deduplicating process.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Role of Data Deduplication in Cloud Computing

So, what is so important about deduplication when it comes to online data backup? Well, as businesses everywhere continue to create more and more data, storage space may indeed become a financial concern – on both the company’s servers and the online backup account. Deduplication can help keep these data storage costs to a minimum. In addition to this, many larger companies find it difficult to schedule backups due to a lack of ideal downtime of their company’s systems. Deduplication helps cut down on the amount of data that needs to be transferred during these backups, allowing companies to devote less of their system’s bandwidth resources toward the backup process and more toward other important aspects of their business. All while saving on overall digital storage space as well.

Of course, we here at KineticD take the job of making sure that our customers have the most efficient and hassle-free online data backup implementation available very seriously, and that includes the practice of data deduplication. With KineticSecure and KineticExtend, our all-in-one suites of online backup and cloud computing services, your business will automatically have data deduplication services at your disposal. Our client software will detect all unnecessary duplicate files and eliminate them from the online backup during the backup process, saving your company time through faster system backups, and money you might otherwise be forced to spend toward larger amounts of storage space. Our extensive data deduplication process also makes it possible to offer extensive versioning of your online files, allowing you to retrieve much older versions of files that you may have deleted from your system in order to save disk space.

For these reasons and many more, we invite you to give our award-winning online backup and cloud computing services a try today. With our free 14-day trial your company has nothing to lose, and yet so much to gain!

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It could be seen as rather ironic, I suppose, that cloud computing, which is the process of having your data stored in a relatively far-away location, actually ends up bringing your data closer to you than ever before! Indeed, one of the biggest advantages to backing up your data online is that it instantly becomes easily accessible to you wherever you happen to be. Thus ushering in a new era of portability when it comes to your business files, photos and other personal digital assets.

But, how exactly does one go about accessing and controlling their online data stored in the cloud? Well, to start off, once your data is copied onto the online backup company’s servers, it will be immediately accessible to you through the use of an operating system-specific software client interface that you will already have installed on your main computer(s). In addition to this, many online backup service companies provide an entirely web-based application that will allow you to gain access to your data from smartphones and other portable digital devices, not to mention any other computer that is able to access the Internet! This web interface should contain all the capabilities of the client software that you have installed on your original machine for the purpose of scheduling and configuring backups, etc..

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Who Has Control of Your Online Data? You Do!

Users of modern day online backup services can not only access their files online, but can download them as well, simply by cutting and pasting from the online backup cache to their mobile device. Printing on the go is also easy, with any accessible document stored online being able to be printed from remote locations, a very handy feature when it comes to mobilized business activity. Another amazing feature of cloud computing is the enabling of collaboration with others who are scattered far and wide across the globe, with people from disparate locations now being able to join forces by working together on one file at the same time – in real time! Uploading to the online backup server from mobile devices is also quite possible, as long as the main software client is installed on that particular mobile device. This is due to the fact that the online backup company’s highest level of encryption is usually only available when using the client, and not the web-based portal.

Of course, beyond the sheer geographical freedom that one can enjoy by accessing your data from anywhere, the use of a web-based application to interface with data stored online brings about many other new features and possibilities as well. One example of this is the ability of the administrator of the online backup account to designate various levels of accessibility to their data, which can then be granted to multiple users. This allows for a new level of data sharing capability, wherein any number of users can be granted highly stratified levels of data access – with all activity that happens to the administrator’s data being fully visible through the use of activity logs. These logs are only accessible to the administrator of the online backup account and they often even include information about any failed attempts to login by unauthorized users. Thus, making the administrator even more aware of what is happening with his or her data.

Here at KineticD, we are proud to offer the highest level of online data backup and cloud computing services around. Of course, we provide our customers with both client and web-based applications in order to make your data as accessible to you as possible. The administrator of the online backup account is able to keep track of any and all operations that his or her data is undergoing at all times, from any location, through the use of our simple (yet multifaceted) web-based application. In fact, our online backup suite allows you to receive automatic alerts when certain activities take place with your account, increasing security and overall awareness of your data. Restoration of lost files can be carried out using simple clean up wizards, and customer data can be quickly and efficiently searched on our servers using our extensive keyword indexing system. In addition to all of this, our KineticSecure software automatically saves System State files to our servers, so that you can not only use our services to easily recover from data loss, but also to return your system to a previous software configuration – in the case of a virus or bad software install.

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