There is no doubt about it; online data backup has opened the doors to many new innovations and information access methods that help businesses of all types and sizes to truly get the most they can out of their data. These new advantages are now afforded to companies of all sizes, which has served to level the playing field when it comes to competition. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) everywhere have tools that up until now were only available to the bigger enterprises, now at their disposal. With cloud computing, the world of disaster recovery, mobile data access and global cloud collaboration are letting businesses everywhere enjoy an unprecedented level of data flexibility that would have been unthinkable only several years ago.

However, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of online data backup that lies at the heart of all of this new found data efficiency; keeping your system backed up in the first place! It’s a sad fact that massive data loss has been the culprit of many a developing business’ demise, and automatic, online data backup helps keep this from happening to developing businesses. This is done by relieving them of the burden of having to be disciplined about backing up at all. Indeed, with online data backup, companies can simply “set it and forget it” as they say, and get on with other business matters that are more developmentally important to their burgeoning enterprise. Furthermore, the advanced encryption levels now used in online data backup ensure that a company is not putting itself in the position of suffering any sort of security vulnerabilities by backing up, or accessing and sharing, their data in the cloud.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Increase Your Business Data Flexibility with Cloud Computing

The nature of business itself is changing, with enterprises of all sizes now required to be more mobile in order to keep up with the competition. Gone are the days when a business could simply set up shop somewhere and rely solely on telecommunications and email to interface with the outside world. As technologies of all types, including phones and computers, have become more and more mobile in society in general, so too has the business world. Business information now needs to be accessible from anywhere at any time to maintain its value and relevance. Online data backup spearheaded this revolution by bringing about a scenario in which all of a company’s data is centralized, constantly up to date, and accessible in a variety of ways from any location. Businesses no longer have to put off expanding due to the often expensive overhead of wide area networks. Online data backup makes it possible to have as many different locations or branches as your business can afford.

Collaboration, both within a company and with other businesses worldwide, is now easily achieved and quite common using the power of cloud computing. Multiple users can now combine forces to work on a single file or group of files, with all parties being able to alter the data they are accessing at will without fear of making mistakes. This is due not only to the power of cloud computing, but also to the implementation of file versioning by the online backup companies; a practice in which older versions of files are temporarily saved on the online backup cache in case there is a mis-save or corruption to the version of the file that is being edited. In addition to this, when seeking to collaborate with others on businesses trips, employees no longer need to worry about having all of their data with them on their mobile device. Instead, if they forget something, or just don’t want to take the time to copy all the files they might need onto their laptop or other portable digital device, they can simply access the data from the online backup servers, or from their business PC itself. This is done using mobile desktop applications, which are now often supplied by many online data backup companies.

We here at KineticD make it a top priority that any business who’s data we are protecting enjoy the greatest flexibility possible when it comes to accessing and using that data in the first place. KineticSecure, our online backup service, backs up your company’s data continuously while KineticExtend, our suite of mobile data applications, makes your company’s data available to employees wherever they might be – through easy-to-use graphic interfaces that are either web or client-based. With the rock-solid reliability of our data backup system, our state-of-the-art cloud computing services and the around-the-clock availability of our customer service team, it’s no wonder that every day more and more SMBs everywhere are turning to KineticD to help them both protect and get the most out of their data.


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