With online backup companies facilitating the ushering in of cloud computing for many small and medium-sized businesses, it is no wonder that more and more companies are virtualizing their data and data processes every day. Estimates show that up to 53% of companies are planning to join the virtualization revolution in the near future. However, some companies are still slow to embrace this new, more efficient way of doing business, which may eventually end up in being left behind as the rest of the business world turns to rely on the many advantages that cloud computing and virtualization have to offer – for both well-established and still developing business.

The question is, what is making these companies not want to *streamline* and *evolve* the way that they do business?

Well, first off, many small-to-medium-sized businesses (or SMBs), seem to be hardwired to the older, traditional methods of business data management. The idea of bringing in a third party to take care of all their cloud computing and virtualization services seems like it will end up being a burden instead of something that almost always makes things simpler and easier for businesses in the long run. Also, some SMBs are still unaware of how common and easy-to-find these third party cloud computing and virtualization services are in the first place. Indeed, almost all online data backup companies have now come to understand how cloud computing and file sharing capabilities are not only becoming more and more popular, but are also easy for them to implement using the online data backup platform that they already have created. Now some form of virtualization and file sharing services are provided to even their most base level users.

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Never Fear, Virtualization is Here!

In addition to this, many SMBs do not understand that just because they are going to be moving on to a new way of doing things, they are not going to have re-do everything or be required to update their office’s equipment much at all. Indeed, modern virtualization techniques often act to bring about just the opposite effect, with virtualized operating system environments making it so that the type of hardware that is being used by the company is not as easily antiquated as it used to be. This is due to the fact that virtualization software brings together multiple systems of different types to all be used together to maximize everything from processor power to storage capacities, providing nothing but more streamlined efficiency to whatever network it is applied to. And, with the increase in bandwidth and ease of Internet access that has come about over the years, taking advantage of these services is now easier than ever before.

Of course, one of the biggest fears of virtualization pertain to the security of the data in question that will be uploaded onto the online data backup company’s servers. This fear, while understandable when you consider the crucial importance of mission-critical data for businesses, is still, alas, an unfounded one. The technologies employed by online data backup and cloud computing have become far more advanced since its original implementation. The modern-day utilization of RAID arrays, data mirroring, super high levels of data encryption, etc, have revolutionized the security levels for online data storage. In addition to this, as the popularity of online backup has increased, so have the budgets of the online backup companies. This has allowed many of them to make critical investments in multiple, physically separated locations that they can use for duplicate copies of your backup, rendering the loss of your data almost impossible!

Indeed, the advantages of cloud computing have brought about a scenario in which businesses can enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience and security when it comes to the storage and accessibility of their data, with almost all of these services being usable from almost any location through simple, often web-based, applications that are easy to use for all parties involved. We here at KineticD are proud to be part of this virtualization revolution with our highly streamlined and easy-to-use backup platform. Why not join us in the cloud today? We are now offering a free 14-day trial, so you have nothing to lose (that is, of course, unless you count your business’ stodgy, antiquated methods of data management!).

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