Is it time to move to the cloud?

Storing data in the cloud has become so cost-effective that you can almost think of it as being free. This is encouraging people in all walks of life to save space on their home machines with low-cost cloud backup. Given the ease and affordability of using these services, many people are asking themselves if they should back up all their data into the cloud.

Online Storage Costs Fall While Bandwidth Rises

Just a few years ago, it did not seem feasible for the average person to put an entire life’s worth of data into the cloud. That has all changed, and the trends leading to this change are continuing. The storage costs for remote servers are falling rapidly due to the ease of configuring multiple users’ data onto the same servers. Because storage is flexible, cloud backup providers are able to arrange data in such a way that the maximum space on a given server is in use. In addition, bandwidth limitations are falling away quickly, making cloud services much more powerful. If your home computer is starting to become memory-challenged, cloud storage will be much cheaper than purchasing more memory for your computer.

Upgrading to a Large-Scale Backup Plan

If you already have some music and other files stored in the cloud but you think it’s time to put everything you care about in cloud storage as well, you’ll need to do some planning to get everything properly uploaded. It may be a good idea to change your cloud service provider. Storing terabytes of data is a much different thing from storing a few songs and text files, so you should take a look at how each service provider deals with large-scale storage and pick the one that works best for you.
In addition to basic storage services, different cloud backup providers offer other services that can make it easier for you to access and manage your data. A good thing to pay attention to is the ease of organizing your data with a given service provider. If you’re thinking of uploading terabytes of data, you will want to be able to easily customize your file arrangement in a way that works well for you. If you’re all about flexibility, look for innovative services offered by cloud providers. Usually, it won’t cost you extra just to have these services available. You generally pay just for what you use.

Backing Up Everything That Matters

If you choose to back up your entire life to the cloud, you will have an easy way to resurrect your favorite movies, songs and memories if your home computer fails or things get stolen from your house. The best thing about it is that it’s all in one place. You won’t need to search across the internet for songs that you lost or re-burn your old CDs – the songs will be there waiting for you in your cloud account. For people who have several gigabytes of music on their home computers, trying to recuperate their music collection when it gets destroyed is a colossal effort. Chances are, they don’t even remember half of the songs they had, although they certainly don’t want to lose them. Save yourself the time and money of repurchasing your music collection from multiple sources by keeping them all in one easy storage space.
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is your business reseller friendly?

Cloud computing is becoming more sophisticated by the month. It’s an extremely convenient way for businesses and individuals to store and backup the voluminous amount of data that they contribute to on a daily basis. In addition to storing data, people can use the cloud to run applications in an on-demand fashion. The most fascinating aspect of cloud computing is the way in which it spawns new business activity at the same time that it is providing much-needed solutions for business activities already in progress. Many individuals are enjoying success at a brand new business model: reselling cloud backup.

Becoming a Cloud Backup Reseller With KineticD

The cloud backup business model involves purchasing cloud services and other related software solutions with the goal of selling them to users in a way that fits these users’ particular needs. Cloud services resellers often help businesses put together a working combination of remote services and then has these services installed on the business’s own premises.
When you resell cloud services through KineticD, the control over pricing and billing will be completely in your hands. You will be able to use a single web console to keep track of all your customer’s backed up data. There’s no risk involved, and if you change your mind, there’s no commitment required either.

Making Use of Flexible Options

If you choose to become a cloud services reseller, you will become an intermediary in the process of giving businesses and individuals access to the specific cloud services that they need. Cloud computing is a highly flexible medium for storing and processing data, but individuals and businesses may find it a challenge to determine their needs on their own. As the middleman, you will be able to put together a package of services that fits the requirements of your clients, and you will also be able to add your own services on top of that package. Some ideas for value-added services include training clients in using the cloud and integrating the cloud applications with software already owned by a client.

What Makes KineticD Stand Out

One major advantage of becoming a KineticD reseller is that you will be able to receive continuous recurring commissions for as long as a customer uses your services. This is a rare option within the industry, and people who use KineticD find it to be extremely helpful. KineticD also provides a powerful API for managing payments through the full integration of credit card and accounting systems with your website.
KineticD walks you through the whole process of getting started, so your success as a reseller is virtually guaranteed. You’ll have access to thorough technical documentation, as well as case studies describing resellers who have been successful in the past. If you’re not a fan of reading detailed documentation, you can learn the things you need to know through an excellent set of video tutorials. As part of your setup, KineticD will give you your own microsite to display your logo, pricing and any other information that you want your customers to know. A secure sign-in is part of this microsite.
Once you get familiar with the tools that are designed for your entrepreneurial success, it will be time to start reselling. It is KineticD’s aim to help you capture as much of the online market as possible, and to satisfy your customers with your own innovative cloud services on top of a flexible and feature-rich platform.
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Secure cloud backup and storage for all your devices with one easy to use app

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is your data safe blog

As the internet advances and improves, the convenience of the cloud continues to be utilized for any number of purposes including computer backup storage. However, along with these positive advancements, people who seek to abuse other people’s secure data are also making their own headway and innovations. You may now wonder, is your data safe if you use a cloud backup service? The much talked about Heartbleed code exploits vulnerabilities in otherwise secure networks and has caused a lot of trouble in the virtual world and other cloud based data storage options, but not for KineticD.

What Happens in an Unsecure Network

Low cost backup options, such as Dropbox, may seem like a good idea at first, but spending less money upfront comes with a steep price later down the road. Recently, this online data giant discovered that it had a major vulnerability where shared links could be revealed to unintended recipients. While Dropbox did find the flaw in time before any known damage could be done, this situation has proved that not all budget backup solutions are as secure as they once claimed to be.

Creating the Best Backup Server

Not every online backup option has these kinds of vulnerabilities. The security of a backup server is based on how well it was designed and how proficient the managers are at handling threats in addition to their day-to-day business operations. The best online backup options have:

  • Purpose built data centers – Retrofitting a room in an office building to serve as a data center is not good enough. The building must have redundant power sources, properly ventilation, and superb physical security.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff – Having the right facilities is useless if the people maintaining and working in the storage center do not know what they are doing. Look for a company that has a full blown knowledge base and can track customer history with the assistance of a Help Desk software solution.
  • Customizable services – One of the great strengths of the internet is that it is forever changing and adapting to current needs. Cloud backup services should allow for the same flexibility and ingenuity while also providing the most secure protection as possible for your data.

What Makes Our System Different

Heartbleed has caused a lot of trouble and made headlines around the world. The code attacks OpenSSL servers, which is what most internet servers are. We at KineticD use OpenSSL servers only for marketing purposes and have never relied on them for data storage. This is just one of the reasons why our service is different. Others reasons include:

  • SSAE16 certification – meaning we have been externally audited and found to meet the exhaustive, ITL standards
  • Fully encrypted data – using the same type of 448 bit code that the military uses
  • Customer connection – we understand the ways that you prefer to store your data and have adjusted our system accordingly, but we never place your valuable information in places where it is at-risk

Our customers’ virtual assets have never even exposed to the Heartbleed code and other security threats because of our exceptional system, security measures, and precautions.

Get Started

Call KineticD at 1.866.430.2406 and see how easy backing-up your computer can be with the help of the cloud and excellent servers that are guaranteed to protect your important data. Seek our help now and never wonder again if your information is threatened by being lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Secure cloud backup and storage for all your devices with one easy to use app

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move business critical apps to virtual machine

Moving applications and data to virtual machines – i.e. virtualizing these applications – is a major change for businesses. If anything were to go wrong with business-critical applications, a company would have a lot to worry about. Lack of familiarity with the concept of virtual machines often leads businesses to maintain their applications on the platforms already available rather than virtualize them. However, virtualization, along with a solid cloud backup functionality, is often the best way to protect business-critical applications from damage.

The Nature of Business-Critical Applications

Business-critical applications are all those that would have a significant negative effect on a business’s reputation if they were to go down. These include the most obvious applications that any business would use on a daily basis, such as billing systems, payment processing and other financial applications. Control systems, process automation and data acquisition systems are also critical for a business’s viability. Many businesses rely heavily on their systems for planning enterprise resources and the databases used to make such decisions.

What Prompts Businesses to Virtualize Business-Critical Applications?

The advantages of moving vital applications to virtual machines such as VMware and HyperV are manifold. For one thing, virtualization leads to a more standardized infrastructure, so that businesses are able to make their operations more streamlined. If the infrastructure is more predictable across all its components, it will be much easier to manage. Quality of service becomes more dependable when applications are virtualized.
Even more importantly, virtualization presents a great opportunity to implement an automated disaster recovery plan using cloud backup. It is much more cost-effective to back up virtual machines than physical ones. Disaster recovery with VMs can also include such features as testing that is repeatable, auditable and undisruptive. In general, application testing on VMs is much more reliable, making large projects much more feasible at every step of the way.

More Virtual Tools by the Month

Virtualization providers such as VMware and HyperV are constantly upgrading their platforms to make it easier for businesses to virtualize their most important applications. For businesses that took a look at the state of VMs just a few years ago, the current level of sophistication makes the field virtually unrecognizable. Functionality is growing at such a rapid pace that companies who found virtualization to be unrealistic a few years back are now quite eager to place all their data into virtual machines.
One of the main focuses of providers like VMware is to offer service that is predictable and dependable. By providing service of predictable quality, businesses that use these services will have an easier time orienting themselves on the VMs and building a cohesive infrastructure. They can also take advantage of any new tools provided by the VMs at their convenience.

Straightforward Setup for the Most Vital Applications

When virtualizing business-critical apps, the straightforwardness of the process is especially critical. The sophistication of virtualization platforms has increased to the point of not only providing numerous added functionalities, such as big data and high-performance computing applications, but also streamlining the process of virtualization itself. This is key for any businesses that still have qualms about moving their most precious programs onto a virtual machine. When that part is easy, the rest is like perusing a candy shop to see what other applications might come in handy.
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