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Cloud computing is becoming more sophisticated by the month. It’s an extremely convenient way for businesses and individuals to store and backup the voluminous amount of data that they contribute to on a daily basis. In addition to storing data, people can use the cloud to run applications in an on-demand fashion. The most fascinating aspect of cloud computing is the way in which it spawns new business activity at the same time that it is providing much-needed solutions for business activities already in progress. Many individuals are enjoying success at a brand new business model: reselling cloud backup.

Becoming a Cloud Backup Reseller With KineticD

The cloud backup business model involves purchasing cloud services and other related software solutions with the goal of selling them to users in a way that fits these users’ particular needs. Cloud services resellers often help businesses put together a working combination of remote services and then has these services installed on the business’s own premises.
When you resell cloud services through KineticD, the control over pricing and billing will be completely in your hands. You will be able to use a single web console to keep track of all your customer’s backed up data. There’s no risk involved, and if you change your mind, there’s no commitment required either.

Making Use of Flexible Options

If you choose to become a cloud services reseller, you will become an intermediary in the process of giving businesses and individuals access to the specific cloud services that they need. Cloud computing is a highly flexible medium for storing and processing data, but individuals and businesses may find it a challenge to determine their needs on their own. As the middleman, you will be able to put together a package of services that fits the requirements of your clients, and you will also be able to add your own services on top of that package. Some ideas for value-added services include training clients in using the cloud and integrating the cloud applications with software already owned by a client.

What Makes KineticD Stand Out

One major advantage of becoming a KineticD reseller is that you will be able to receive continuous recurring commissions for as long as a customer uses your services. This is a rare option within the industry, and people who use KineticD find it to be extremely helpful. KineticD also provides a powerful API for managing payments through the full integration of credit card and accounting systems with your website.
KineticD walks you through the whole process of getting started, so your success as a reseller is virtually guaranteed. You’ll have access to thorough technical documentation, as well as case studies describing resellers who have been successful in the past. If you’re not a fan of reading detailed documentation, you can learn the things you need to know through an excellent set of video tutorials. As part of your setup, KineticD will give you your own microsite to display your logo, pricing and any other information that you want your customers to know. A secure sign-in is part of this microsite.
Once you get familiar with the tools that are designed for your entrepreneurial success, it will be time to start reselling. It is KineticD’s aim to help you capture as much of the online market as possible, and to satisfy your customers with your own innovative cloud services on top of a flexible and feature-rich platform.
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