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As the internet advances and improves, the convenience of the cloud continues to be utilized for any number of purposes including computer backup storage. However, along with these positive advancements, people who seek to abuse other people’s secure data are also making their own headway and innovations. You may now wonder, is your data safe if you use a cloud backup service? The much talked about Heartbleed code exploits vulnerabilities in otherwise secure networks and has caused a lot of trouble in the virtual world and other cloud based data storage options, but not for KineticD.

What Happens in an Unsecure Network

Low cost backup options, such as Dropbox, may seem like a good idea at first, but spending less money upfront comes with a steep price later down the road. Recently, this online data giant discovered that it had a major vulnerability where shared links could be revealed to unintended recipients. While Dropbox did find the flaw in time before any known damage could be done, this situation has proved that not all budget backup solutions are as secure as they once claimed to be.

Creating the Best Backup Server

Not every online backup option has these kinds of vulnerabilities. The security of a backup server is based on how well it was designed and how proficient the managers are at handling threats in addition to their day-to-day business operations. The best online backup options have:

  • Purpose built data centers – Retrofitting a room in an office building to serve as a data center is not good enough. The building must have redundant power sources, properly ventilation, and superb physical security.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff – Having the right facilities is useless if the people maintaining and working in the storage center do not know what they are doing. Look for a company that has a full blown knowledge base and can track customer history with the assistance of a Help Desk software solution.
  • Customizable services – One of the great strengths of the internet is that it is forever changing and adapting to current needs. Cloud backup services should allow for the same flexibility and ingenuity while also providing the most secure protection as possible for your data.

What Makes Our System Different

Heartbleed has caused a lot of trouble and made headlines around the world. The code attacks OpenSSL servers, which is what most internet servers are. We at KineticD use OpenSSL servers only for marketing purposes and have never relied on them for data storage. This is just one of the reasons why our service is different. Others reasons include:

  • SSAE16 certification – meaning we have been externally audited and found to meet the exhaustive, ITL standards
  • Fully encrypted data – using the same type of 448 bit code that the military uses
  • Customer connection – we understand the ways that you prefer to store your data and have adjusted our system accordingly, but we never place your valuable information in places where it is at-risk

Our customers’ virtual assets have never even exposed to the Heartbleed code and other security threats because of our exceptional system, security measures, and precautions.

Get Started

Call KineticD at 1.866.430.2406 and see how easy backing-up your computer can be with the help of the cloud and excellent servers that are guaranteed to protect your important data. Seek our help now and never wonder again if your information is threatened by being lost, stolen, or destroyed.

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