How Can Newsletters Help in Reducing Number of Support Tickets

There are users who are not familiar with things related to IT. They do not have an idea of cloud and do not know how to avoid malware content. It is good for service providers to spend some time with such users and educate them how to handle things appropriately. One of the effective ways for educating users is a monthly update based on their common concerns. Before designing newsletters, consider these features to make it helpful for users:

Maintenance and Patches Update

Inform users when new patches will be implemented. Have you planned any downtime that will influence uptime? When do the servers get rebooted?

Information about Security Threats

Monthly updates must include new scams and malware that your users could come across in the online world. It can be an email threat or reprehensible sites that post contents to grab attention. If users are well aware of threats and scams, it is possible that they can avoid some security attacks and threats.

Inform Users about Particular Issues

At times, there might be issues that affect a department or a group of people in your company; and as a result, these people might keep on sending support tickets. It is annoying for service providers to read tickets about the same issue again and again. To avoid such situations, make sure that known issues in the company are communicated in the updates, indicating how and when the issues will be resolved in the newsletter. It will reduce the number of support tickets as users are well aware of the issues.

Update about New Projects

Keep users well informed about the type of projects you are working on. Send updates how your team is working hard to improve the infrastructure. Majority of IT service providers are not appreciated as users do not have an idea what they are doing for business continuity. It is good to share your efforts with users to get positive response.

Repetition of Procedures & Policies

When security policies concerning cloud file share and BYOD are discussed, it is helpful to review IT policies of the company. If policies are updated many times and are communicated, users cannot give an excuse for violating the policy. When customers understand these policies, they tend to respect the policies.

Tips and Useful Tricks

It is fun to share tips and tricks with users in newsletters. If you received queries about certain tricks, you could include them as a guide in your newsletter. It will be much appreciated.

Share Videos and Photos

Newsletters should not be based on boring content. Service providers are not like robot, therefore, your emails and newsletters must have some personal stuff, such as photos and videos. Do not send dull contents as updates otherwise, users will ignore them all the time. It must include interesting content that users can forward to others. As users continue to read your updates regularly, they will become confident and capable and will not bother you for minor issues as they will be able to solve them.
Newsletters surely take a lot of your time, but they give you an opportunity to make employees capable to solve issues independently. Test your newsletters and compare the amount of help desk tickets you are getting from users before and after you started sending newsletters. If newsletters cannot achieve your goal, it is good to pay attention to other tasks that are helpful for users.

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