Thanks to the relatively recent development of Deduplication technologies, US DataVault is not only more efficient for our Clients, but more profitable as well.

For the newcomer, Deduplication eliminates redundant backup and archive data at the client before sending it across networks to servers and storage. Users can easily extend deduplication reduction globally, across thousands of clients having different retention requirements. This all adds up to shorter backup windows, lower management costs, and more robust, reliable data protection. Typical benefits of Deduplication include:

– Cut backup window by finishing jobs faster.
– Transfer significantly less data across the network.
– Maximize data reduction by deduplication data globally across hundreds of clients in different locations with different protection policies.
– Easily and cost effectively scale out with open systems hardware.
– Cover both small and large data sets in remote offices and large data centers.
– Cost efficiency
– by reducing the data footprint, storage costs are cut, sometimes dramatically, with no loss of recoverability on any piece of data.

Deduplication is frequently viewed by some data managers as a quick fix for complex protection or recovery issues arising from rapid data growth, shrinking operating windows, and very aggressive recovery SLAs. Those who use deduplication as a band-aid, especially in form of an appliance, quickly realize they have only temporarily addressed data reduction on disk because as it grows, they face additional hardware and operational costs as more and more appliances must be pressed into service. But more important, administrators most often find they have made NO impact on reducing backup times or overall costs.

Almost always there is a significant gap between the short-term fix to explosive data growth and achieving REAL and meaningful improvement. Improvements that are found in higher performance, smaller operating windows, faster recovery, lower costs, scalability, security, minimized management, and relative ease of use.

Real improvement requires an approach that is not an afterthought, but rather an integrated part of any data management solution. Thanks to ROBOBAK’s deduplication initiative, USDV was among the early providers of backup services to offer fully integrated deduplication in a single software solution, with NO required hardware.

ROBOBAK’s leadership in this area, expands deduplication benefits to address real bottlenecks by bringing efficiencies as close to the source as possible. The current version of US DataVault Backup Pro uses deduplication as a means to reduce data thus using fewer network resources, dramatically shortening backup windows, and eliminating the lock-in associated with appliance based approaches.

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