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Here at KineticD, we are proud to unveil our new, versatile pricing. While we still love our established pay as you grow pricing option, but we realized we would also like a more conventional pricing option so even the smallest businesses can get a great deal through our new bucket pricing. We will still provide the same great and reliable cloud backup services for your network that we always have, but now at even better value than before.

Just One More Reason to Choose KineticD

In the past we exclusively used a variable payment option that allowed you to only pay for the data you were using each month, rather than paying for loads of extra space you didn’t need. We still like this method of payment, and so do many clients, but we now have an alternate means of pricing. Rather than a variable price based on how much data you use, we now allow you to pay by a pre-set volume we call buckets. This system also differs from our previous method in that it is paid for annually. Our by-volume payment options are:

  • 60GB for $9.99 a month
  • 100GB for $19.00 a month
  • 250GB for $59.99 a month
  • 500GB for $124.99 a month

There are several benefit to paying annually, rather than monthly. This new system also allows people who use relatively little data to have access to an extremely cost effective cloud backup option with plenty of extra room for company growth. For businesses that still prefer to pay per month, simply choose the pay as you grow option.

Same Services, Better and more Convenient Pricing Options

Satisfying our customers in terms of pricing is very important to us, but our main concern is maintaining the level of professional integrity and quality in our services. It would do no good at all if we changed our prices, only to compromise on our performance. Rest assured, you can rely on our continued dedication to providing the best cloud backups possible for your data storage and recovery needs.

Stress Free Data Protection

Saving valuable and important data is necessary for any size business. We provide a quick and easy way to do so, with little to no inconvenience to you or your employees. Our patented system backs up your files automatically, relieving you of the burden of remembering to perform the service yourself. Thanks to our new pricing option, you can utilize our professional and secure services for less than a night out at the movies, donuts and coffee for your office, or refuelling even the most efficient hybrid cars at the pumps.

Creating a Better, Cost Effective Future

We have undergone many changes as a company, but each has been with a better future in mind. Refining our pricing options is the next improvement that we hope will make your business run more efficiently and effectively, while also knowing that your networks are protected with state-of-the-art cloud technology.
Want to start protecting your data? Sign up for a free, no obligation trial today. To learn more about our services or to enquire about protecting your business’s network, call us at 1.866.430.2406 or email your questions to Feel free to give us your feedback about our new and improved pricing options.

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