What is the real cost of data loss

Virtually every individual and business will be impacted in some way by cyber crime, ransomware and hardware failures. The stories are all different but the end result is the same – data loss. Putting a cost on data loss is difficult. For an individual measuring the loss of years of photos is a loss impossible. On the other hand for a business, the impact of things like ransomware are quantifiable. There will be an estimated $11.5 Billion in losses due to ransomware in 2019. Not surprising considering 92% of organizations have seen malware/ransomware in email attachments over the last 12 months.

Check out the infographic below to see the real cost data loss has on your business.

Start taking measures today to protect your business.

(View infographic as a pdf)

Malware Ransomware Infographic 2019 Data Deposit Box

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